Meeting “Craigslist Betty”

To be honest, I don’t buy or sell much on Craigslist, but for months while searching for things I kept seeing these two handmade, rustic ceramic 4″ tall flasks with a bit of cork. I liked them. And every time I saw them I still liked them. And the seller lived in my hometown. Finally I decided to contact him/her and see them in person.

Turns out the him/her was a Betty. A talkative, spunky late 60s/early 70s gal. She has a little estate sale business, sells things on consignment for friends and rents rooms in her house. Her property was an odd assortment of humble cottages, garages, overgrown plants, flotsam and jetsam and yet it was more interesting and appealing to me than so many of the perfectly manicured yards sprouting McMansions in our town.

In the end, after a lot of business chatter and enjoyment looking at more of her inventory, I bought both flasks. Cute, right?


I’ll enjoy them for now. Maybe use them as vases for a few stalks of lavender or display them by my silver cigarette cases. Eventually…down the road, a long ways down, I’ll sell them. 🙂

But the best part was getting to know Betty. Someone else in the biz, though doing things differently from me. It was great getting her perspective and hearing about her life.

Wishing you happy hunting and great encounters!


  1. Fun! I have only used Craigs List twice. I bought a NATUZZI leather sectional and a new Ikea dinette.

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    1. Ooooh…I’ll bet you got good deals 🙂 – Karen

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