It’s Been An Arty, Farty Day

First, a Good Find

I went to a yard sale bright and early today and instead of focusing on a lot of little stuff I spied this big, framed Paris lithograph by Bernard Buffet, circa 1968. Love the look. Here’s a closeup. (Sorry for the glare on the left. It is all vibrant.)


There was no price on it and when I asked the price, the owner said, “$60.”

GULP…I didn’t even have $60 with me. So I told her I was going to look him up to see who he was. She thought that he was just a “sidewalk artist” of no repute, but when she saw me scrolling through things on my phone she got intrigued and asked when I was finding.

Oh dear.

“Well, he does have a few other things for sale,” I said. (I was particularly happy to see there was one for sale on which tends to sell hoity-toity stuff!)

She peered over my shoulder at the listings on my phone. “Maybe I should charge $200 for this,” she said.

@#&^$!! What?? 

I took a deep breath and asked what she was going to charge for it.

She thought a few seconds and said I could have it for $60 as she originally quoted.

“Super. I’ll buy it for that, but I’ll need to get more cash.” I nipped back home, borrowed cash from my dubious husband and sped back before she changed her mind.

It’s actually a stone signed lithograph of the Pont de Neuf bridge in Paris (you can see Notre Dame in the background). Prices for Buffet’s work vary, but I should do alright on this. has the same one listed for $1,200, but I think they’re dreaming.

Second, a Good Sale

The nice mountain goat painting I bought at Goodwill just sold to a women in Montana…which seems like a great place for this 1959 painting by F.G. Houston! I made a nice profit and I think she got a great painting for $139.


Third, a Head-Shaking Communication

I received an email this morning from a guy wondering if the price ($300) on my McCaine painting was negotiable, to which I responded, “Possibly…what price were you thinking?”

The message I received back was priceless and included: “What did you pay for it and what do you want to make?”

Huh??? Does he think I’m a rube? How is that any of his business or even relevant? Nor is it relevant that he wants to buy it as a gift for someone or that he bought a similar painting for $100.

I think my price is a fair one for this artist’s work and for this particular painting. (I did the research. I didn’t just pull a number out of a hat!) I responded giving him a 10% off coupon code as my best offer.


I mean honestly!!!

I’m guessing he won’t go for that price, which is okay by me. I adore my McCaine painting. I’m happy to keep this till the right person comes along.

So it’s been a strange arty-farty Saturday and I feel a nap coming on 🙂

Happy hunting you’all!

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