Are You Buying Anything this Summer?

The first half of June was good for me but now sales and “views” have slowed to a trickle. This happens for many online stores this time of year. It’s summer. Folks are busy outside and on vacation. Doing and not buying…which is good…well for them, not so much for me!

Of course, summer is the perfect time for sourcing with the abundance of yard and estate sales. There’s a guy in South Dakota who feverishly buys stuff all summer so that he has enough to sell all winter long. And he does very well!

I could go hog wild buying too, except that I have so little storage space. So far I have resisted renting a storage unit because of the expense and inconvenience, but areas of our house are looking a tad cluttery with all my store stuff. 😦 Sometimes I think I should just stick to selling jewelry. So easy to store and ship!!

Ha, that said I did go to another estate sale last week. Here are a few things that were priced with “meat on the bone” that tickled my fancy. The ’60s Liberty House flowered dress is actually a shift that has cute toggles up on side and is meant to be worn with cigarette pants.

I will confess I paid too much for the 1949 Cootie game but I had a baby-boomer moment at the sale (I played it as a kid) and couldn’t leave it behind.

Anyway when I got home, unloaded my estate sale finds and my groceries, I started thinking…with the Brexit news, the stock market tumble and the crazy upcoming U.S. presidential election, will people be buying less stuff for a while?? Let’s face it, no one needs a vase, a brooch, a decorative box, a painting, a game of Cootie.

Well, as a very unscientific gauge of summer spending trends, I hope you’ll consider taking my poll. 🙂 And thanks!


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  1. Love the Cootie game… well the box really. I like the packaging of vintage games and toys sometimes more that what is actually inside.

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