Summertime…Moments, Finds, Sales

Summer is an emotional time for me. Lots of good childhood memories…riding bikes, swimming in neighbors’ pools, playing with Barbies. But later in life, it heralded a season of deaths. (This summer marks the 15th anniversary of my mother’s death to melanoma. I still miss her like crazy.)

So while summer can be delightful, it is not an easy season for me. But I am reminding myself to “keep in the present.” This moment right now is what I have, what you have. And in that spirit I am cherishing having my oldest daughter (age 23) living at home. I know it won’t be too long before she moves out on her own, so I am treasuring this time together.

Last weekend, we went to our city’s annual clay and glass festival as we have done for many years. We were awestruck by the talent. In the end we didn’t buy much, but we had a great time together…as always. I did buy one small thing…a tiny 1.5″ calico ceramic cat to sit by the two ceramic flasks I bought from a Craigslist seller. This little rustic cat reminds of my cat Penny 🙂


And today, July 14, is my youngest’s birthday! (Happy birthday sweetie.) She turns 20 which seems impossible to me. Right now she is at her university some 1000 miles away, so we will do our big celebration when she returns home next month. Here she is at age 17 on a trip the two of us took together.


Now amidst all this “high emotion” I’ve been working away at listing finds in my Etsy store…but gosh darn it, I’m discovering that some of the items I bought months ago were not as good as I thought…the curse of the picker:

  • A cool ’60s dress I bought at an estate has a small stain I hadn’t noticed. In fact, it blended into the pattern. And I think it’s blood and it didn’t come out when I washed it. Now no one is going to want a dress with a blood stain!!!
  • A book that I thought was really unique (but didn’t research in the store) was not so unique and not worth much.
  • A vintage lime green snack dish has a chip. (How did I miss that at the estate sale?)
  • A designer tie with a thread pull.

Most of these are destined for my Goodwill donate box. Oh well, perhaps someone can make use of them.

Thankfully, I have found a few good things on eBay this week…like this antique pin, probably a mourning pin.


And from the same seller I bought this original 1977 “Star Wars” R2D2 metal pendant. Not my usual kind of purchase, but I thought it was kinda cool and collectible.


And this prettily etched sterling silver pin. This is 1.75″ in diameter and I think will look smart on a blazer.


And now that I’ve researched and paid for the amber jewelry haul, I’ve started listing it. This big necklace of nuggets is one of my favorites.

amber nuggets

And in Goodwill the other day I found this mod, hippie bud vase. These are not the colors I naturally gravitate to but I like it. Can’t you picture this in a white cottage??


And amidst my sales for this month, I am gratified that this mother-of-pearl button purse finally sold. It had been listed for over a year.


And this yo-yo quilt vest sold too, much quicker though. I picked this up at an estate sale a few months ago and honestly my family thought I was crazy. But I knew someone would want this. Ha, and they did!

yo-yo vest

Well, it’s time to get back to listing. I may treat myself to an estate sale or two this weekend!

Hope your summer is going well and you are living in the moment 🙂



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