Lesson Learned: Always Count Your Money at the Store

Yup, always count your money at the store. I didn’t and had a mini heart attack when I got home when I realized I was short $100.

Okay…let me back up!

I had taken a small quantity of estate sale jewelry to my favorite local jeweler for evaluation. I also had a few pieces of broken 14kt gold jewelry that I was selling for some nuns.

All went swimmingly at the store. My jeweler (I love saying that even though I haven’t bought anything at his tony store) tested all the pieces and verified what was 14kt, what was 9kt and what wasn’t gold at all.

One of the rings I brought with me I’d picked up at an estate sale over a year ago. It was unmarked and looked costumey but I had a feeling about it and I got it for a couple of bucks. (Sorry I don’t have a photo!) Well, it turns out it was 14kt gold and the diamonds were real! Small, but real! (The diamonds will all be returned to me next week when his goldsmith has a chance to remove them.)

After he tallied up the gold for the nuns and what he’d be willing to pay, I decided to keep the gold-capped teeth! (Yes, I actually brought teeth into this wonderful posh shop and apparently I’m not the first!) They are low karat gold and I was only offered $8 for them. (Or I should say that’s all the nuns were offered.) And I realized I’d be willing to pay the nuns more than that and sell the teeth as an oddity in my store. Any takers??


Then my items were tallied up. I was selling an unmarked 14kt gold wedding band (this might have been one of my mother’s), the previously mentioned estate sale ring, and an antique 9kt gold locket (also bought for a song) that was quite dented and missing a few of its seed pearls.

He paid me and I left a happy camper. When I got home I pulled out the wodge of cash he’d given me to set aside the cash for the nuns and discovered that I was short. Quite a bit short. He hadn’t counted out the money for me in the store and I hadn’t counted it either. I just ASSUMED it was correct. And that’s when I had the mini heart attack. Oh jeez. What a mistake to make!

I called him immediately and explained that I seemed to be short money (I didn’t say the amount) and he paused for a second. I held my breath and tried to calm my heart. Then he said, “Oh my gosh. I owe you $100. I’m so, so sorry. Please come back.” I breathed again. Phew!!!

Well, I drove back. Got my second Benjamin Franklin, who let’s face it, looks like he’s thinking, “You idiot!”


My jeweler apologized again and all is well.

But I admit it made me realize always, ALWAYS count your money before you leave a store.


  1. Brian Abate

    lol. He does!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a nice jeweler! What a decent guy! He must be a pleasure to do business with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is! A real gent. 🙂


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