Find of the Week: Hand-Painted Nippon Plates

Sometimes I find things that harken to a life I can’t even imagine living…a life with asparagus forks, berry bowls, individual salt cellars and sterling silver sugar tongs. A Downton Abbey kind of life.


Growing up we did have good china that my mom acquired slowly over many years. It was used six times a year…at best. Sad, really. So seldom used. There was no crystal, no sterling silver, no other fancy bits. Our life was pretty pedestrian. More Spam and Tupperware.

We did inherit some delicate green wine glasses from an uncle that we used on special occasions. My mom knew how much I liked them and whenever I came home to visit after college she always used them. I own them now and use them throughout the year. They are perfect for sherry and port!


Port, anyway??

So when I found these three sweet hand-painted Nippon plates (circa 1891-1921) at Goodwill I was enchanted! Other than a few tiny flecks of paint loss they are in good condition. I picture a hostess proudly bringing these out for a ladies’ tea party or at the end of a picnic for sweet nibbles, perhaps a petit four or two!

And this is why I still go to my local Goodwill…despite the ubiquitous mugs, clunky handmade pottery and new, made-in-China dreck, every once in a while there will be something old and beautiful like this. When I found them I swear the sun parted the clouds (well, there were no clouds and I was inside a store, but you get the idea!). Of course the funny part is that I found the plates within 10 minutes of entering the store, but spent another 40 looking through everything else and coming up bupkis after that! Oh well, I had fun looking. 🙂

These plates are my find of the week!  What’s yours??

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  1. Those are beautiful! Great find.


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