Find of the Week: Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Been a bit under the weather so I haven’t gone anywhere in days. Still not 100% but I threw on some “real” clothes today and went to my local Goodwill just to get out of the house!!

Almost purchased a big, beautiful Passover Haggadah plate that looked like this. The one in Goodwill didn’t have the little dishes but was in excellent condition. Alas it was $20. Gosh..$20. I started doing research in the store and then stopped. Did I want to deal with storing and later shipping a 16″ china plate? Maybe not.  


(Later at home I did more research and found the one above had sold on eBay for $119 with free shipping. Yikes…maybe I should go back and get it!!)

What I decided to buy after 30 minutes of looking was a beautiful pair of crystal whiskey glasses. Crystal is mostly passé these days except for bar ware which has become popular again thanks to TV shows like “Mad Men.”


The glasses I bought are intricately cut, heavy and have a nice “ping.” No maker’s mark that I can find so I’m scrambling trying to find out who made them and the name of the pattern. So far I’ve spent an hour researching this and no luck.


Besides whiskey I can see them being used for cocktails and wine or as parfait glasses or vases. To be honest, I am sorely tempted to use these! Wouldn’t even the humblest of wines seem better sipped from these glasses??

Okay, I had to try them out. I poured my humble Twisted Old Vine Zinfandel into one and it tasted fantastic. There is something very pleasing about a perfectly proportioned glass that fits in your hand just so. Yes, I could get used to these. 🙂

How about you…have a favorite glass for your libations??


  1. Those glasses are gorgeous. Great find!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! I bought them to resell, but after trying them out, both my husband and I really liked them. I think we gotta keep these. 🙂 – Karen


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