Selling and a Giveaway

Looking for (and buying) great vintage things is the fun part of the biz, but when things sell, it feels mighty fine too. Besides the money, it’s a wonderful affirmation that people like what you’re selling.

Mexico-dishesA few mornings ago I woke up to find an order from a woman who bought five things from my Etsy store…YES!!!! But my joy was tempered when I saw that everything she bought was breakable…every last bit of it…all china and ceramic pieces. There were four small Paragon plates, a Collingswood sugar bowl and creamer, three little Ken Edward dishes, an antique Nippon dish and a set of six saki cups. (The little Ken Edwards dishes had been in my store for a long time so I was doubly delighted that they sold and are off to a new home.)

Thankfully I found a sturdy double-walled wine box in the garage. Half an hour (and miles of bubble wrap and heaps of packing peanuts) later, the box was ready to head out to the East Coast. (The package has been delivered. Fingers crossed that everything arrived in good condition.)


This month I’ve been curtailing buying to dig deep into piles of accumulated inventory. Most is getting listed in my store, but a small portion I am getting rid of. Some stuff has damage (that I hadn’t spotted when I bought it) that greatly reduces its resale value or just isn’t worth the time to list. It feels sooo good to see piles disappear and get more organized!

I dug out some remnants of vintage medical supplies and medicines I bought off Craigslist last year. I’d already sold the two leather doctor’s bags, the two vintage blood pressure gauges, a nice examination headpiece and a few other tools, but I wasn’t sure what to do with all the remaining bits so I put them all together in one weird lot. I’m thinking somebody might want these as Halloween props or steampunk assemblages…maybe?? [Editor’s note: They just sold! In less than 24 hours. Probably could have had them priced a little higher.]


New Finds

Of course I haven’t totally stopped looking for new inventory…a girl’s got to have some fun!

One of my Goodwill finds this week is this charming framed print (99/550) circa 1982 by artist Mary Lake Thompson titled “Abigail.” Can’t you picture this in a little girl’s room? 


There are none of these prints for sale online right now, but one sold a few years ago for $100 so I’ll likely list this in that price range.

Giveaway for One Local Reader

I bought this fabulous signed 1993 ceramic tray over a year ago but never listed it in my store because of its awkward (and expensive) shipping size. It’s over two feet long! It’s one of the things I’ve decided to let go.

So SF Bay Area friends…if you’d like it, just jot a comment below and we can arrange for pick up. 🙂 First come, first served!



  1. Letting go can be hard. I have a few items that I’m shocked everyone just passes by. This year I’m going to try a flea market at a local antique mall. Hoping I’ll get rid of some accumulation that way.

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    1. Hi Marta. I know…I have some things that have been in my store a long time and I know they are good items and fairly priced. Thankfully I am patient! Hope your flea market experience turns out well. 🙂 – Karen


  2. You could bring it to the Block Party and offer it there.


  3. do you send vintage items with insurance against damage during delivery? my postal service allows insurance, but the terrific [and much cheaper] courier service does not – so i always post. i’ve had cause to claim on insurance twice [over 3 years, so not a bad average] and as it’s quite cheap [although postage is not] – it is well worth it. edwina

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    1. Our Priority Mail service in the US includes $100 insurance, but the big box of breakable stuff was more than that, so I bought more insurance to cover it. It is worth it!! 🙂 – Karen

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