Magical Moments

First let me say, I am enjoying having both my daughters at home. My youngest is home from college for a few weeks (soon to head back for her sophomore fall quarter) and my eldest lives at home but has a full work schedule and a busy social life. So Monday night was a treat. We ate pizza together, watched “Out of Africa” and later went for a walk in the cool, dark night with a crescent moon smirking at us. It was all rather magical. A lovely end to the long Labor Day weekend.

But on Tuesday it was back to real life–work, chores, errands, and for me the thrift store. Got to my neighborhood Goodwill about 10:30 a.m. Later than usual, but I was detained from heading out sooner as I had a roofing guy at the house getting specs for an estimate (not one of the magical parts of life!).

Wasn’t feeling super optimistic after my recent thrift store “dry spell” but then I spotted this turbaned fellow riding a zebra hiding at the back of a shelf. I almost missed him, but glad I didn’t because he looked like something special…rather magical (or perhaps zany is the right word)!


zebra2Flipped him over and found this smudgy marking: Old Staffordshire Ware, England. Now I was really intrigued. He had no damage except for a chip on the underside. If my research is correct, this mark indicates a piece made between 1892 and 1912. Sold prices are all over the place so I’ll need to do more research.

I also found this old mini print/poster of Sir Henry Raeburn’s “Boy and Rabbit.” The original oil was done in 1814. The frame is plaster made to look like wood and I believe the print is attached to some sort of board. Though small (8″ by 6″) it was professionally framed, likely a long time ago as the paper backing is disintegrating.


It’s not worth much, but it is old and charming and the kind of piece that could be at home on a nightstand, a mantel, or a shelf. I could even picture it propped on a vanity table…like this one.


Anyway, I’m hoping these two small finds have broken my dry spell. 🙂 Especially as I’m heading out of town soon and looking forward to finding some goodies further a field.

One place I’ll be checking out soon is the Holman Antique Plaza in Pacific Grove. I’ve gone there several times and it’s a huge rambling store with lots of vendors (though I see they’ve moved to a smaller location). I never buy much, but it’s fun looking. One time though, when I went several years ago with my oldest daughter, a store employee trailed us through the store to “keep an eye on us.” She never approached us or offered to help us find anything, never smiled, but if we wandered to a different room so did she. It was very off putting. But still, I’ll check them out again.

So here’s to good hunting and having more of life’s magical moments.

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