Every once in a while I let my nails grow and put a bit of clear nail polish on them. It’s silly since I am always typing on my laptop or gardening and long nails are a nuisance. But still I like having them as they make my stubby fingers look a tad more elegant. But today, as I was painting my nails, I flashed back to a memory of my Aunt Janet. She was a secretary at General Motors for 40+ years and she always had beautiful nails. When she died I helped clear out her house and discovered she had tons of nail polish…and lip stick…and skin care products. She always took care of her appearance!

This flashback reminded me again how odd little things in life serve as “memory gateways.” Maybe it’s the perfume your mother wore. Or the china poodle your grandmother kept on her mantel. Or the game of “Sorry” that was played at every holiday. Or the stuffed animal that was your companion through tough times. We all have those things.

I think that’s one of the reasons I particularly like vintage things…for some people they provide flashbacks to a fond past and for others they help them make up for past they didn’t have! Like the guys who never got a train set as a kid, but now collect them later in life.

Anyway…enough pop psychology!

A Few Bread-and-Butter Finds

From Goodwill, a vintage Otagiri, handcrafted, made in Japan, mini-Vase and a 1983 “Brown Bag, Cookie Art, Hill Design” lamb cookie mold.

And this odd clay bell from Puerto Rico which I listed yesterday and it sold today!  (I sincerely hope it wasn’t an unsigned piece from some master potter in Puerto Rico that normally sells for hundreds of dollars!! I’ve made that mistake before.)


This “Cities” card game is from the 1940s. The box is a little beat up but I love the graphics. (Bought this at Cannery Row Antiques in Monterey.)


And on eBay I won a sterling charm bracelet, likely from the 1970s. One of the charms I’m keeping, the rest I’ll sell…like these two cuties…a P & B sterling harmonica and a sterling Bon Voyage boat with moving propeller.

Haven’t been buying a lot. Mostly I’ve been busy listing things…trying to ramp up for the (gasp) holiday season. I know I’m shocked too, but I’ve been getting emails from Etsy on how to “boost my seasonal sales” and “get my shop ready for the holiday season.” Strange thinking about Christmas in September!

In closing, I’d love to know…what odd little things serve as memory gateways for you??

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