“WOW…this has GOT to be GOOD!”

Sometimes I find something while out thrifting and think “WOW, this has got to be good!” That was yesterday. I was in Goodwill and found an old Jim Beam bourbon decanter shaped like a San Francisco trolley car (made by Regal China and dated 1968). Jiminy Crickets this was so cool that I didn’t bother to research it in the store…this has got to be good…right? And to have survived in such good condition from 1968 must make it rare. Sweet!!

Perhaps I should have prefaced this post this by saying that I have NO knowledge about novelty booze decanters. None. But every once in a while I hear about someone who buys a decanter for a couple of bucks and sells it for $60 or $90. So I didn’t bother researching it in the store. I knew I had a winner.

You may have guessed where this is  heading….later I sadly discovered that it’s not rare or valuable and my profit would be small. Nuts!

Since I bought this at Goodwill, I can take it back for exchange, but having lived in San Francisco for a few years (and part of the time quite close to a trolley line), this decanter is making me feel a little sentimental. I’m going to go ahead and sell it. 🙂 Why not?


Sometimes you gotta do things from the heart!

I also found two other little things yesterday that I thought were quite fun…a skinny ceramic cowboy creamer with no maker’s marks and a tiny, weird, alien-looking pottery vase with maker’s initials.

Not huge money makers either, but still quirky is good! I think some of the things I’ve been finding lately will make great holiday gifts. Or maybe that’s just my hope!

Well, time to get back to listing stuff in my store. Here’s hoping your September is going well.

Happy hunting!!

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