This, Too, Shall Pass

So I was given the opportunity to take advantage of two free weeks of a fitness program described as “‘metabolic training,’ which combines bodyweight, cardio exercises, and free weights into fast-paced interval circuit training which stimulates muscle toning and fat loss.” As I’ve been a bit of a slug lately I decided to go for it. I’ve gone for three days now and I can say it’s an intensely good, challenging workout, but…OUCH! I am now sore all over. Physically knackered. And moving gingerly. (Lowering myself to the toilet is almost comical!)

I know this, too, shall pass, but I am so sore that it’s impinging on my thrifting! Yesterday I popped into a thrift store on my way to a lunch date and tried to squat down to look at items on the lower shelves. Searing pain. Yikes I stood back up again. After that I would look at an item on the bottom shelf and think “Is that squat worthy? Worth the pain?” I decided NO on many things!

Sadly after scouring the store for 40 minutes, I hardly found anything. My best (and first find) was a vintage chalkware Mary, Jesus and Joseph statue. Love the muted colors on this.


I’ve had some success selling men’s ties and thought this vintage Perry Ellis tie was nice…and thankfully not four inches wide!


Then I bought something as an experiment. It’s not my kind of thing at all, but some people swear they do well selling things like this. It’s a sealed roll of a vinyl wall border in a country apple pattern. Kinda goofy. I don’t know. It’s from England from a company (Rosedale Wallcoverings) that was bought out in 2003 so it’s likely vintage. We’ll see if anyone wants it!


Today, I’m going to give my body a chance to recuperate a little. Maybe just do some gentle yoga stretches later on. And definitely work on store stuff and listing more fun finds!

Happy hunting y’all!


  1. Joyce Jackson Hayden

    Take it easy on your body! We need you to do our shopping for us! Do hope the pain goes away. Think of how healthy you’ll be!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks Joyce!! I realize now it was kinda silly to go from near-couch-potato status to this level of intensity…but if can keep up with it I will be darn fit. XOXO. – Karen


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