Why is Positive Change so Hard??

Sometimes making positive changes in life can be…so…hard!! Lately I feel like Sisyphus condemned to pushing a boulder up a hill only to have it roll back down again.

I’ve just started my fourth week of an exercise program and while I have a bit more stamina, mostly I am sore (a lot) and see no changes. Zip. Nada. I know it’s early days, but still…would be great to see a little progress…a pound or two lost, a bit of muscle definition, looser jeans, renewed energy…something!!! Not giving up, but just feeling cranky!

And I have been struggling for months (and months) to make positive changes in my Etsy office area and get it “under control.” I get it cleared up a bit and it quickly degrades to a disaster area again with bins of listed items to go out to the garage, lots of unlisted items, shipping supplies and a desk full of papers. Like it is right now….


And unfortunately with a small house that has no basement or attic and every room in use, my desk area has been carved out of our family room.


You can see how my clutter is spoiling this room. This is NOT how I want it to be. It drives me crazy. I keep working at it, but progress is slow. I even bought some cute little canvas storage totes so I can organize my unlisted items better and speed my listing. (Actually I think I just wanted to buy these totes!!) Here’s one I’m using to corral small fabric items: ties, napkins, vintage aprons.


I’m realizing part of my problem is procrastination. After I buy things, I log the prices of all the items and may do a bit of online research, and then I pile the stuff on or under my desk for “further processing” later on. Sometimes the further processing (i.e., taking photos, listing the item and storing it) doesn’t happen for months. And in the mean time, more stuff accumulates.

Of course it would help if I stopped buying things. That’s rather the DUH part of this problem. But that’s the best part of the biz! The treasure hunt. The adrenaline rush! The part that keeps me motivated to do the rest. Can’t totally stop that. 🙂

Well, I’m going to keep working on getting caught up by setting small daily goals. But my overall goal is to get my desk area cleaned up (and beautiful) before Thanksgiving!

In the meantime, after a grueling workout today that left my legs like jello (I kid you not, I was shaky by the end), I stopped in at my neighborhood Goodwill. That was my reward! Found a few “bread and butter items:” a hand-carved wood trinket box, a tiny (like new) 1991 letter postal scale in its original box, and a handmade baby (or doll) dress of Joan Kessler for Concord Fabrics material. All sweet, good items.


How about you…what positive changes are you working on?


  1. I feel your pain, that is what we get from liking things… too many things. I think some folks are naturally organized, I have great taste, but am not. I have a bit of an attic, that we recently got access to, by adding drop down stairs and plywood on the joists. My positive change is that I hope to get that organized by New Years.
    And even if your exercise has not created visible change, you health is improving, for sure!

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    1. Thanks Kirsten for your encouragement!! I know I can get my store stuff better organized…and for sure, this intense exercise is a health benefit! 🙂 – Karen

      P.S. Nice that you have a bit of attic space now!


  2. Jana

    I have a 4000 square foot house that includes a full finished walk out basement and I have been cleaning out cupboards , ( that you open and something falls out ) , and areas that look like behind your couch , in my office for months. I just found my dining room table again, that is exciting.I now have to clear my bathroom closet that has a floor somewhere under the stuff that is in there. I constantly resale , give away and donate, I am thinking of maybe a booth in an antique mall may help. I am not sure if I want the commitment though. Baby steps are better than none. The excercise is great, another thing I would love to get back to.
    Best of luck

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    1. Thanks Jana. It sounds like you have a challenge too! 🙂 Baby steps are about all I can handle right now. I’m really glad I’m doing the exercise class, but tired of being sore!! All the best, Karen


  3. I can relate to so much of this. Of course, I am not in the biz as you are, but replacing nearly every piece of furniture in the house with items I thrift, I can accumulate quite a bit myself! Shop. Like. Buy. Bring home. Store WHEREVER.Repeat. That is my life at the moment. Small steps Karen. If you break the huge task into several smaller ones and just tackle a little at a time, I think it’ll give you motivation and it won’t be so overwhelming. Good luck! As for changes I’m making, I am really listening to my body and trying to take better care of myself. Good luck with the exercise and with your organizing!

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    1. Thanks for your encouragement Vee. Wish I hadn’t let things get to this state, but I am determined to change!! 🙂 – Karen


  4. God I love your bookshelves.

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    1. Thanks Eugenia. I would love more shelves (I have a little “book problem”!), but am having trouble convincing my husband. 🙂 – Karen


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