Slim Pickings…But Good Times

I always try to do a little treasure hunting on vacation. (Naturally!) Sourcing in new territory is always fun and invigorating! My first port of call on this vacation was an antique strip mall store in Spring, TX. It’s a jam-packed store with 40 or so vendors.


Photo from

And I found tons of good stuff. TONS! But everything I found was priced at just about how I would price it. I found a cool cast iron corn muffin pan (made in the USA) for $18, a vintage (slightly beat-up) aspirin tin for $12, a big 1950s photo of a girl’s school restroom for $12, a nice Nemadji vase for $28, an ashtray with the face of Winston Churchill (in a locked cabinet so I couldn’t see the price), an oh-so-pretty crocheted vintage apron for $19. Even if I had gotten a 10% discount on stuff, it wouldn’t have helped. (But I love looking because occasionally you will find something undervalued and you know you have a winner!) This time I left the store empty handedQuel dommage!!

On Saturday I popped into the local Goodwill. Haven’t had a lot of success here in the past, but it’s only a little over a mile away from my brother’s house, so I figured why not try again. The very first thing I picked up were three I. Godinger & Co. Primavera dessert plates in super condition and nicely priced. Into the basket they go! (Hope they survive the trip home in my luggage.)

lefton-vaseI found a few other vintage bits, but they were all breakable too, like a pink Lefton vase similar to this one from an eBay listing.

Hmmm…what are my chances that I could get this home in my luggage undamaged? Pretty slim with those applied lilies and to be honest, it is rather old-fashioned. Okay, really old-fashioned. Glad I didn’t buy it.

In the end the trip was a bust for finding new bits to sell in my store, but a total success for spending time with my brothers. We live thousands of miles from each other (California, Texas, Florida) so it was grand just hanging out together. We laughed a lot, shared memories and ate good food. And despite having different temperaments, beliefs and political affiliations (yes, we voted differently in the U.S. presidential election), we could talk openly and still come away respecting (and loving) each other.

So I’ll fly home tomorrow happy. 🙂

All the best and as always, happy hunting!!

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