Different Kinds of Vintage Stuff

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this first part. It’s a rather personal, but different story of something vintage…me!

In October I joined an exercise program. I knew I needed to do something because I was too sedentary. Too many hours behind a laptop or curled up with a book. Not good.

But exercising is NOT natural to me. I hate sweating. (Yes, I know it’s good for you, but I don’t like it!) And I have arthritis in my feet and knees so high-impact stuff is a no-go. Still I signed up for a two free weeks of a circuit-type program (think pushups, squats, rope work, TRX work, weights, mountain climbers, etc.). Fine. I would do it for two weeks, then quit.


Photo by TotalFitnessClub

Thought I would die after the first three classes. My muscles screamed in agony…for days! (Apparently a typical first-week response.)

After two weeks I decided to add on six more weeks with a special Groupon promotion. Okay. I would do it for six more weeks, then quit. I mean honestly, the classes are only four days a week (it’s closed Friday through Sunday) and open only at certain times. Not very flexible. I’ll just do it for a bit longer.

But as my promotion time drew to an end I thought…gosh, I do seem to be building some muscle (I have tiny biceps now) and have lost a smidge of fat. And I have more stamina. Good grief…it appears to be working! Oh jeez. Maybe I should just keep doing this. I know my doctor has advocated for it. And it pushes me beyond what I’d ever do on my own. I huff and puff and by the fourth circuit of exercises I think, “This is what hell would be like.” Seriously. Sometimes I feel a little faint. Once or twice I thought I might throw up. I burped instead.

Well, I’ve signed up to be an official member. I have no great goals. Just to keep showing up and trying. Maybe that’s enough.

Okay, enough about me!  Onto some vintage goodies. 

I haven’t been out sourcing much lately (still working on listing my inventory backlog), but I did buy this very cool Brutalist-style hand-made copper bracelet.


And I found this retro sand candle (from the Virgin Islands) at Goodwill. I remember making a few of these as a kid. I gotta think someone’s going to love this!  Right?


And I decided it’s time to part with this bohemian garnet mourning brooch. I bought this for myself years ago intending to put a photo of my mother in it. I never did and I have never worn this pin.


For a treat I plan on going to a rummage sale today. Feel the need to dig around and find more goodies.

Wishing you all happy hunting!

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