In a Dangerous Mood to Shop…

I’ll confess last weekend I went to the rummage sale in a dangerous mood…I was itching to buy! I haven’t done much sourcing the last few weeks and really wanted to find some “new” great stuff for my store.

The organization running this sale raises money for our local children’s hospital (so it’s a great cause) and receives nice stuff from well-heeled donors. In fact I’ve never come away empty handed. But here’s the caveatthe items are all well researched by the volunteers and the prices reflect that. Sometimes they’ll even have a printout of what similar items are selling for online. Though to be fair, the rummage sale prices are less.

I got there 30 minutes early and a few of us chatted as we waited for the sale to open. That always helps to pass the time. When it opened and we scurried in I headed straight to the vintage and antiques room. For me, that’s where the best stuff is. A honey hole.

The first thing that caught my eye was an unsigned Arts and Crafts bronze (or spelter) cigarette box. Handcrafted, good condition, handsome, but a tad expensive. Hmm…what to do? What to do? In the end I said to myself, “Oh, what the heck, there’s still a little profit left in this.”

This beaded necklace in a glass case also caught my eye . At first I thought these were glazed ceramic beads, but on closer inspection I thought they might be “end of day” glass beads, but I wasn’t convinced. Thankfully I posted this photo to a group I belong to and I’m glad I did! A member figured it out. They are mosaic magnesite beads. Not valuable, but they have an interesting look.


I also found six gray marble mini brandy snifters. Not super old, but kinda neat. I can picture these on an Art Deco bar cart. They have a nice feel in your hand. I’ll probably sell these in pairs as I’m not sure how many folks would buy six!


My last find was a vintage Girl Scout compass and two pins. I discovered after I got home that the compass is busted. (Drat!) so I may market it as steampunk supply. It does come with its original box.


I did turn down quite a few things. I rejected a pillow cover that had been made from an old kilim (on one side). It was $45. Too much. I also turned down a pretty $20 crystal relish dish. It was a heavy, quality piece but I just couldn’t see that there would be much profit in it unless it turned out to be really old and in a rare pattern. And honestly, there’s not a huge demand for fancy crystal relish dishes!! Though it would make a lovely ring dish. I’ll reconsider it if the price gets lowered. 🙂

So in the end I bought just a few things, but I enjoyed myself.

As I was leaving the sale I saw the reseller guy I call “Bluetooth Joe.” I first saw him years ago in Goodwill and he was always talking on his Bluetooth as he shopped. (Hence the nickname I gave him.) I still see him at thrift stores and rummage sales. And it reminded me what a small world it is. Or maybe how small my corner of the world is! I often run into the same people at sales and thrift stores.

Later I hit up my neighborhood Goodwill where I found a beautiful pair of mini onyx liquor goblets/brandy snifters, likely from Pakistan. (I seem to be on a theme with stone barware. Well, to be honest, I have a hard time resisting anything made of stone.) I particularly like the rich colors and striations in this pair as these type of goblets are usually made of paler, mostly green stone.


And I also picked up a bag of Christmas ornaments that I wrote about in a separate post. I bought the bag because I spied this old mercury glass clip-on bird ornament. She’s on our tree now. 🙂


It felt good to go out looking for treasure… a bit of fun that helps compensate for the tedious aspect of listing items in an online store. (I always remind myself, it can’t sell if it’s not listed.) A friend asked me a few days ago, “So are you selling lots of stuff this Christmas?” And I realized I haven’t had a big spike in sales, but they are steady. Steady is good. Today I have to package and ship a baby Jesus nativity piece and a vintage “Playboy Gourmet Cookbook.” Yesterday it was a 1960s British Monopoly game and a set of reproduction stereo view cards. Steady is good.

Well, back to listing! I wish you all the best in your hunt for cool vintage stuff!


  1. That compass is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I thought it was so cool but wish it still worked. 😦 – Karen


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