“Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah” Find

Made a quick stop into Goodwill on my way to the grocery store the other day. Even though they had just opened up there were 10 cars in the parking lot. (Who are all you people?? And why aren’t you sleeping in on a Saturday?!)

Wandered around. Wasn’t finding anything good enough or priced with room for profit. Well, that’s not entirely true, I did find some nice vases. I always find vases but I have a lot in my store right now. Twenty-five in fact. All very different. Some really old. Some really pretty. Some really weird. Here are a few …

They sell, but not quickly. So I thought to myself…enough vases!!

I wandered over to the Christmas aisle to check out bags of ornaments trying to replicate my super vintage ornament finds of last week, but all the stuff was newer and nothing special. Drat! Headed over to the metal and wood aisle seriously hoping to score another sterling silver piece like the little British hallmarked gavel I found earlier this year for $3.35 and sold for $135. No luck though I did find a modern 24kt-gold-plated menorah. Nice enough, but for $13, I just wasn’t sure, plus it wasn’t old. (Turns out it was a Karshi menorah made in Jerusalem. Similar ones sell for $20-$60.)

But a few feet away I found this wonderful heavy old brass menorah. Now, this one I really liked…from the Star of David at the top to the lions of Judah. And it had the patina of use. You can tell it’s been polished (and polished) over the years (there’s still polish in the crevices) and lovingly used with bits of wax still clinging to it. It has soul. I’m glad I bought this one. (Sorry, not the best photo.)


So far my research is dating this design from late 1800s up to the 1970s! I’ve found some selling for $30-$60 and others priced between $150-$399! The very different prices may reflect that a few are genuine antiques (100+ years old) from Russia or Poland while others may be more modern. But from the photos the design differences are slight…a few have crisper details and there are subtle variations in the crowns and lion manes. Mine has slotted screws on the bottom as do some of the ones listed as antique. So is mine really old and from Russia or Poland?? Not sure at this point. If I list it without doing any more research I will have to go conservative on the age and price…though I may try to find out more about it! Any ideas??

Happy holidays and happy hunting!!

jacket12-18P.S. Have just packaged all my newer clothes to send to ThredUp as I promised to do in an earlier blog. They typically only buy 40% of what anyone sends, though I am hoping for at least 75%. I bought all these items to resell and it just didn’t work out…like this wonderful embroidered cotton Talbot’s jacket modeled by my oldest daughter. I had it listed for months and months on eBay with no interest. Even when I had it on auction starting at $14.99. I would have kept it for myself but pink is not my color.





  1. always enjoy reading about your hunting & gathering and finds. merry christmas to you & yours and i look forward to more good stories in the new year!


  2. Cute jacket! I went this weekend. I got 2 skirts, 2 sweaters, 1 flannel shirt, 1 turtleneck, black jeans and a book.


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