Ebb and Flow (in Sales and Life)

January started off well in my store with strong sales, but by the end of the month it was like a ghost town. Well, that’s not quite true…there were plenty of window shoppers and a few low offers (One of the offers was on a 14kt gold pendant. I don’t negotiate on gold.), but little buying. In fact now that I look back on the stats I see that the drop-off happened right after the inauguration of the new U.S. president. Perhaps folks are being more circumspect with their money right now. I know I am. I’ve decided to reduce my sourcing/spending for a bit until sales pick up. That means going to fewer estate sales and thrift stores. But the bonus is that I will have more time and energy for other things. Including working on my novel which is still in its infancy!

Of course, I haven’t stopped sourcing entirely. A recent Goodwill visit yielded two fab items. The first is this little 4.5″ long pottery catfish.


You might look at it and think it’s weird and wonder who would buy it. But when I flipped him over in the store and saw that it was signed with a “W” I nearly did a fist pump. This little fish is a Jorge Wilmot fish. Wilmot was a renowned Mexican potter and his work is very collectible. I recently sold one of his owls.

I also found a 13″ pottery serving tray made by Judy Brater Rose. Judy has been working her craft since the ‘70s creating whimsical objects. This tray, with its carved and applied bits in the colors of Provence, appealed to me and I think it will to someone else too.


So I’m trying to go with the ebb and flow of sales and life. Rethinking and readusting, both what I do with my business during this slow time and how I to best use my days. One of my friends is looking at volunteering to help teach English to refugees and immigrants. I rather like that idea. So positive and constructive.

How about you…any recent ebb and flow in your life??

P.S. Need Valentine Gift Ideas?

I’ve put together a selection of items from my Lion & Lamb Vintage store which might be just the thing you’re looking for your beloved! Take a peek.

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