What’s in Your Junk Drawer??

I was perusing eBay the other day looking for interesting vintage lots…mostly jewelry, but other bits as well. [My recent guest blogger Kristie also searches for vintage jewelry lots on eBay and I wonder if we’ve ever bid against each other!] I did find a beautiful lot of Native American turquoise and silver jewelry, but at $599 I just couldn’t pull the trigger!


The stones in the rings were big and stunning and there was likely still some profit to be made with these pieces, but it might take years to realize. Case in point: I have a beautiful silver and Kingman turquoise belt buckle that’s been in my store for over a year now. A few people have contacted me about it, but essentially want it for a fraction of what I feel it is worth. I’m guessing it would be the same for these pieces. I took a pass on it. [Someone did buy this lot for $599. I wish them well.]

While I continued scrolling through “vintage lots” I started seeing results for “vintage job lots.” Huh…what’s a vintage job lot??

As I took a closer look at the listings I realized all of them were from UK sellers. Ah, it’s a UK thing. And I discovered the listings were similar to what we call “junk drawer lots” in the US…usually a mish mosh of trinkets and what nots that usually have one or two good things and the rest rubbish. Here’s a lot starting at $39.99. Seems like a “hopeful” price to me. Other than a used Swiss Army knife, I’m not seeing much of value.


But I like the concept of junk drawer lots. They remind me taking a peek in the drawers at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid. Did you ever do that? For some reason her stuff always seemed more exciting than ours. Though in retrospect the drawers usually only contained decks of playing cards, pens, tablecloths, coins, sometimes a small sticky perfume bottle or a few photos, and once in a while a bag of candy usually past its prime.

So I started to look through the eBay vintage job lot listings and actually found one that had a few things that intrigued me including a little sterling silver spoon, an amp and a treen dice cup. I placed a modest bid. [Oh gosh…I just won it. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed when it arrives from the UK.]


Then I got thinking…how about I gather up some of my odds and sods and create my own junk drawer lot? I certainly have items that aren’t worth enough on their own to list separately and it might be a fun way to sell them. I could call it “Grandma’s junk drawer.” Here are some vintage things I pulled together: a brass ashtray from Damascus, a non-working Bulova ladies’ watch, bakelite dice, vintage earrings, a small Bavarian handpainted plate and a silverplate Wilcox spoon engraved “Emma.”


I think I’ve priced it reasonably. My profit will be small, but it’s more about clearing these out of my storage. We’ll see if anyone wants this stuff!

So what’s in your junk drawer? Anything good?


  1. i always enjoy your posts- and your musings on buying /selling vintage.

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    1. Thanks Edwina!! Back at ‘cha…your blog is always one of my must-reads. – Karen


  2. Joyce Jackson Hayden

    Everyone has a “Junk Drawer” in their kitchen. I just checked mine. I have seven junk drawers! What a collector of junk I have become. Found lots of things I had forgotten. Oh well, tomorrow is another day…….

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    1. Now I’m curious Joyce!! What are some of the things in your junk drawers?? – Karen


      1. Joyce Jackson Hayden

        Will get back to you on what is really in there! Now, I am curious. Enjoy your posts so much. Get vicarious pleasure from all your wanderings and writings. Keep on keeping on!

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  3. What a great idea!! Congratulations on your winning bid! That would be fun! 🙂

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  4. I admit that junk drawer lots get me excited. I always check out those sort of boxes at auctions. I especially like lots that include bits of advertising items such as bottle openers or vintage product packaging. I think my interest in small odd bits my stem from childhood memories of trips to my grandmother’s house. She kept a fish bowl filled with trinkets high on a shelf. I was too shy to ask to see the contents, but remember imagining what treasures may have been within.

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    1. Yah…grandma’s houses are always the best!! So wish I had her old black bakelite phone and paint-by-number pictures. Long gone now. 😦 You never found out what was in the trinket bowl?? – Karen


      1. Only what I could see. It was mostly little things given to her by grandkids I think. Times have changed a lot, but back then I wouldn’t have thought to ask to get into it. It was fun to let my imagination run wild anyway I suppose.

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  5. Jeff, totally understand!!


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