Thrift Store Nemesis


The Goddess Nemesis

Sale day at my neighborhood Goodwill doesn’t happen too often…which meant everybody and their mother was there, including me. I knew there would be a lot of other pickers, but usually that doesn’t phase me. A lot of them buy video games, clothes and electronics. Not my thing. But when I walked in the store on sale day I saw two things.

First I saw “Bluetooth Joe,” my nickname for another picker who I always saw nattering on his Bluetooth. Our eyes met briefly. We’ve never spoken but have seen each other at various stores and sales for the past three years or so. I think of him as a nemesis because unlike other pickers I encounter, he buys some of the same things I do making sure I don’t get “too much good fortune.” One time I saw him walking around this very store holding an antique dough bowl. My kind of thing!

Second I saw the “new” merch cart and made a beeline towards it. So did Bluetooth Joe. There we were, both huddled over this small cart, trying to ignore each other and trying to find the good stuff first. (Darn…go away Joe!)

Well, I think I found “it” first…it being a cool Greek/Roman style ceramic jug. It’s made to look old and isn’t. Usually I don’t go for faux stuff, but I found this strangely appealing. I could picture this tucked on a shelf with books or used as a vase maybe with ivy or pussy willow branches or used in an artist’s studio to corral brushes or how about serving a potent mead at a party?


I didn’t see Joe after I left the cart to peruse the shelves…which was fine with me. But it made me realize that having a nemesis (of sorts) is probably a good thing. Keeps me from getting lax as I search…keeps me on my toes!

How about you…do you have a nemesis in any area of your life??


  1. Kristie Holsey

    Absolutely have one…but can’t say who for fear of retribution!!! LOL.


    1. So understand Kristie. 🙂


    2. Love the details on the jug!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same!! Even though it’s “faux aged” I really liked it. – Karen


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