Not the Weekend I Expected

Last week, after a delightful vacation visiting friends on the East Coast, I was looking forward to catching up on my real life in California. Alas, alas, my catching up was thwarted when it became apparent that the sniffles that had plagued me for days had turned into a full-blown cold that included chills and body aches. So yesterday, on a stunning, sunny Spring-like March day (we had windows open), I lay on our couch shivering in a nest of tangled blankets feeling at death’s door. (Only a slight hyperbole!) But I made it through the night binge-watching “Inspector Morse” episodes between snatches of sleep and cups of tea and feel a smidge better.

I am thankful that before my cold hit full force I had popped in on an estate sale Friday morning. I went 45 minutes after the sale opened thinking that the initial crush of people would have thinned out, but there was still a line waiting to get in! Not a good sign. But I’ve learned not to let it worry me…usually I am still able to find good stuff that’s been overlooked.

I went upstairs first and immediately found a few smalls…including a nice Stratton (English) compact and two pairs of vintage leather baby shoes.



You might think old, used baby shoes should just be tossed in the garbage, but there are folks who love decorating with them. They look sweet on a shelf atop a pile of books or used as Christmas decorations.



When I went downstairs it was with excitement that I found a hefty, 9” diameter Mexican sterling silver bowl. It wasn’t cheap, but I knew there was money left in this beauty. I didn’t hesitate buying it. The owner of the estate sale company said that other potential buyers had told her that she had priced it too high, but they were looking to buy it for scrap value. This is NOT a scrap piece.


While there is no maker’s mark and it does have a few tiny manufacturing flaws, it is a lovely, substantial (nearly 600 grams) piece. Someone is going to appreciate this.

So it’s back to tea and my quilt. Hope your weekend is going better than mine!!

Happy hunting!!


  1. Hope you are feeling better!! Not so good here either. I do like the silver bowl. I love the patina.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry to hear your not well either. Turns out several friends of mine are sick too. 😦 – Karen


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