Things That Caught My Eye

My picking has been dismal the past few weeks. True, I’ve been sick and haven’t gone out sourcing much, but when your business counts on you having a steady stream of incoming inventory you don’t want too many slow picking weeks.

So I was super happy to find two things yesterday at my neighborhood Goodwill. The first thing that caught my eye was a quirky Jonathan Adler stoneware squirrel. I know his stuff is pricy so I had no trouble putting this in my basket, even for $8.35!

Here’s a picture of what I bought on the Adler website. Regular price $120.


But (alas, alas) I noticed mine is missing its cute little acorn lid! Drat. Double drat! Even without the lid this piece has sold for $45-60, so I’ll still do okay, but I thought, why don’t I contact the Adler company and see if they’ll sell (or even give!) me a lid? Well they got back to me right away and said they only sell it as a “single unit.” Pooh, that’s not helpful! 

I also found this interesting Russian lacquer egg with the Madonna and Christ child on the front and a paschal feast on the back. So far I haven’t found one like this. These type of eggs run the gamut in price (from $10 to thousands) but as the painting on the backside of this is a little rustic, I’ll be pricing this modestly.

I also source from eBay, or try to! The last few days I’ve found some good items to bid on, but the price got too high on all of them and I had to drop out of the bidding. Then I found a bracelet with a “make best offer” option. I submitted my offer, she countered a few dollars, I agreed and happily paid.

The bracelet with listed as “Vintage Sterling Silver and Enamel Flag Bracelet,” which it was. But it is also known as a WWII Allied flags sweetheart bracelet. These bracelets typically sell for $75-$150, well under what I paid. 🙂

Here’s the bracelet I bought.


Here’s a 2014 sale.


It was nice to have a bit of knowledge prove useful! And it felt good to find a few nice things.

How about you?  Any good finds this weekend??

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  1. Such a beautiful egg!

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