Sweet, Look What I Found

I was at Goodwill the other day to try and exchange two rather dubious picks from the previous day. I needed to come up with $6.50 in goods to make the exchange, and even though that was a small amount, I wasn’t feeling hopeful. Goodwill has been challenging for me lately.

I wandered up and down the aisles and found a few small things to put in my basket but kept looking. And looking. And looking. Well, alright, I had two items. Enough to make the exchange and headed to the register to check out. And then I happened to glance down at an area beneath a clothes rack where there is NEVER anything displayed. I had walked past this rack twice already and hadn’t noticed the items underneath the clothes.


Next to two jars of river rocks (shown in the photo above) were these two charming terracotta busts of children…from Italy. What??!! I was smitten and sooooo excited to find these.


But what the heck were they doing down there, practically on the floor, hidden under the hanging clothes? What were they doing in a location where they were at great risk of getting broken? I know the staff doesn’t display items down there. EVER. And the tags showed that these items had just been put out a day ago. How had they ended up down here??

Then it occurred to me as I carefully put these beauties in my basket that I may have stumbled on someone’s “hide” pile. Oh boy. I’ve heard about these. People tuck things away in odd, hidden locations in the store so they can purchase them later, perhaps on a sale day. (Well, at least she’ll still have the jars of river rocks!)

These delightful busts are reproductions of Louise and Alexandre Brongniart sculptures by Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741 – 1828). These sculptures have been reproduced by many companies, in many different mediums over the years, but these are scarce Borghese busts from Italy complete with paper tags on the bottom. Likely circa 1940s-1960s, a similar Borghese pair sold for $95 a few years ago and there is a pair for sale now at $189 or best offer.

I had to restrain myself from doing a happy dance in the store. Finally (finally) another good score from Goodwill! And until they sell, I will be enjoying them on my mantel. A real win-win.

How about you?  Any finds that had you doing a happy dance?


  1. tess

    oh man! lucky find indeed, very charming little faces
    I thought that was somebody’s hidey hole

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tess!! They are adorable. I’m thinking these had to be in a hidey hole…makes no sense otherwise. 🙂 – Karen


  2. you will of course now be scouring every nook & cranny in goodwill- barely bothering to look at the shelves!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true!! 🙂 Couldn’t believe these were practically on the floor! – Karen

      Liked by 1 person

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