Jewelry Serendipity

I love buying and selling jewelry, but have never bought any at my neighborhood Goodwill thrift store. Most of their jewelry donations are new stuff and I’m a vintage gal, plus it’s all tucked away in a locked cabinet in individual little bags. You have to flag down a salesclerk to unlock the case and point to the individual pieces you want to look at, then he or she stands there while you look them over.

In fact I rarely even look anymore, but I did look the other day and spotted something. I tracked down a clerk and had him pull out a plain, yet intriguing necklace with a long (34″) brass mesh chain and a golden brown stone pendant. It had a designer’s tag, but I didn’t want to look it up in front of the clerk and priced at $5.65 I just wasn’t sure. In the end, I decided to take a pass on it.


Later at home I kept thinking about the necklace so I looked up the designer–Jan Michaels, San Francisco. Dang, this was a nice brand. New her necklaces typically sell from the $60s to low $200s.

I should have bought it. I thought about going back to the store, but was just NOT in the mood. I decided that the next day when I was out and about I would pop back into the store. If the necklace was still there, it was meant to be. If not, que sera sera.

So 24 hours later I was peering in again at the store’s locked jewelry case. The necklace had been on the second shelf in front. It wasn’t there. Sigh. Okay. It’s gone.

But then I spotted it on the bottom shelf missing its bag and price tag. Curious. The salesclerk got out the necklace for me and went to get it priced and came back with a $4.19 price tag! Ha, by sheer dumb luck my dithering over the piece the other day resulted in a better price today. 🙂

While this piece is not my aesthetic, it has an earthy charm that I hope someone will like.


May you have a bit serendipity in your hunting too!

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