My One Lovely Find this Weekend

First, a Little Side Note

Did you ever leave the house thinking you were reasonably “put together” only to discover that…well…you weren’t?! Take yesterday. Sunday. I popped into Goodwill (as usual!) and afterwards I went to church. I happened to visit the restroom before the service and was slightly horrified when I looked in the mirror. My normal mere soupçon of blush looked like I had clown cheeks. Oh dear. Was I becoming one of those older women with wobbly lipstick, blue eyeshadow and bright pink cheeks? I grabbed a tissue and wiped some of it off, but was disconcerted. Hopefully this is NOT a sign of things to come! (And how had I not noticed this at home?!!) Has this ever happened to you??

My One Lovely Find

Anyway my quick, 20-minute pre-church run through at Goodwill yielded only one item, but it was one rather nice item. It was on a cart of “new” items that had been rolled out that morning but hadn’t been shelved yet. It was underneath other stuff and when I finally plucked it out, I thought…WOW, this is pretty…a ceramic rolling pin with images of honeysuckle, butterflies and moths. 



It looked and felt like a quality piece. I couldn’t find a maker’s mark but I did a little in-store research and discovered it was a Portmeirion Botanical Garden Honeysuckle rolling pin from England. It has two plastic stoppers so you can fill it with ice water for rolling pastry. It was priced at $7.35 but used ones typically sell in the $30-60 range so I should do just fine with this. (Gotta love fresh merch from the cart!)

Afternoon Delights


After Goodwill and church, I spent hours reading in our tiny front yard which is full of blossoms and starting to look fetching (though it needs a pop of blue from the lavender and blue salvias which have yet to bloom)! I was enjoying a book called “Perfect Imperfect: the beauty of accident, age and patina” by Karen McCartney. If you love quirky stuff and folks who have a unique, wabi-sabi sense of style, you’ll enjoy this book. The photos are captivating and haunting and the text remarkably interesting (which is not always the case in these kind of books)!


Photo from “Perfect Imperfect”

Later I had the joy of packaging up three sold items from my store. One being a fun, falling apart scrapbook with over 120 greeting cards from the 1940s. The cards celebrated the birth and first five years of life for Marc and are all lightly glued in place.


I found this months ago at a rummage sale, but finally got around to listing it in my store where it sold in 24 hours! It’s quite possible there are some rare greeting cards in here, but I decided not to try and research them all. May it bring happiness and good fortune to the new owner! (I bought this for $10 and sold it for $55.)

Time to start the new week. Happy hunting!!

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  1. Thank you for the book recommendation.
    Unfortunately, I have left the house with a blouse or jacket unevenly buttoned.
    Mismatching shoes at work. I had to look down since something felt “funny”–oh dear!

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