Bingo! A Mid-Century Find

On Mother’s Day I treated myself to a quick jaunt into Goodwill. I hadn’t been out thrifting for days (!) and was itching to go. I pulled into the parking lot a few minutes after the store opened and bounced in, all perky and excited.

I saw lots of nice things…crystal, china (right now they have three huge sets!), silverplate, pottery, paintings. I almost put some classy Fitz & Floyd bread and butter plates in my basket, but I didn’t. I almost went for a creamer that had a rabbit motif. I knew it was “something” but I couldn’t remember what and decided against it. (Possibly a Dedham pottery repro piece!)

Both of these would have been fine purchases and I would have made a profit. But I just wasn’t excited by them. At least not today. (Maybe I’ll go back for them!) I already have quite a few plates and creamers in my store and I wanted something different.

And then I found it. I was looking at the bags of flatware. I never buy flatware at Goodwill, but I always check hoping to find bags with sterling silver pieces. I didn’t find sterling silver, but I did find a heavy bag of spoons, forks and knives with wood handles that had been put out the day before.


Hmmm. Turns out it was mid-century Mode Danish. I had no idea how many pieces were in the bag or in what condition, but my picker senses were telling me this was a good find. Quick in-store research showed good sold numbers. (Sold prices for sets of four to six pieces typically range from $15-35.) BINGO!  Yup. This was the kind of find I wanted today.

The spoons and forks were made in Japan and the steak knives were made in Sheffield, England. One fork needs to be repaired and one spoon is a bit lighter wood than the others, but overall they are in reasonable pre-owned condition. And bonus, they’ll be easy to ship when they sell.

But Is Mid-Century Modernism Waning?

Some folks believe that mid-century modernism is finally waning in popularity, but if it is, the news hasn’t trickled down to the man in the street! If an estate sale advertises mid-century modern furniture, you can bet it’s going to be snatched up first. And furniture companies like Room & Board and Design Within Reach do a booming business focusing on clean-lined mid-century style pieces.


Room & Board furniture. I could live in this room!

And Scandinavian-designed household items still retain popularity. Here’s a collection of mid-century Danish vases I drool over.


Personally, I think mid-century style is still going strong and remains desirable to buyers. I always keep an eye out for it. (Here’s what the Washington Post thinks about it.)

What do you think?? Still going strong? Do you like mid-century modernism or does it bore you silly?

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  1. Carol L Park

    I know next to nothing about various styles and values! I love Thu is post on Goodwill shopping!

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