Things I Bought to Sell, but Kept Instead!

In any given month I buy a lot of stuff. A lot. Eventually all this stuff makes it to my online store…well, almost! Like these 6 pretty Lee Needlearts needlepoint flowers. I bought them at Goodwill on Monday and got them listed ASAP. Interestingly, I couldn’t find many of these completed (either sold or currently for sale), just the kits. (Brand new, the kits cost $51.) I did find one completed flower priced at $80, which didn’t seem realistic to me. In the end I decided to price the set of six for $124.99.


I also got the Japanese white rabbit bowls (bought at yard sale this past weekend) listed, though I was hankering to use these myself as little dessert dishes!


But I have kept a few things!

At first I felt a little guilty, almost shameful, about it. Then I realized how ridiculous that was. It’s only a few things for Pete’s sake!! But I did hit upon an idea that takes away any remaining smidgen of guilt…I replace the item with something I already own of similar or greater value and put that in my store. That seems to be working. Plus it keeps me from accumulating. 🙂

And here’s what I discovered in the process…most of the stuff in my house is fair game to end up in my store! (Not all, but most). Recently I added one of the ’20s/’30s woven Dutch paisley shawls from my collection.


And in honor of Memorial Day, here’s a collection of WWII-era sterling silver charms that I never added to a bracelet.


So now I no longer feel guilty keeping something I originally bought to sell. 🙂

Here are Some of My Keepers Over the Years

Two small crystal whisky/wine/liquor glasses. I paid around $11 for the pair at Goodwill. They are pretty and feel great in your hand so I enjoy using them.


This lovely Victorian mother-of-pearl horse fob. I bought this from a cousin-in-law’s shop in my hometown in New York state. Right now it’s displayed on my desk, but I may start wearing it as a pendant.


I’m keeping this little bisque Betty Boop doll/figurine partly because I discovered I overpaid for it. Dolls are out of my wheelhouse and I didn’t bother to look it up at the rummage sale. That was a mistake. But I find her charming so she is on our mantel overlooking a few boxes.


And this is one of two framed Laura Blacona numbered prints I bought at Goodwill a few years ago for $18. My husband liked the prints too so we’ve got them displayed on the picture rail in our kitchen. These are one of the few things I’ve bought that have prompted him to say, “You’re not selling these, right?”


Looking Forward

So even though my sales are edging towards the “summer slump,” I’m looking forward to finding lots of great stuff at yard and estate sales. I was at a party on Sunday and a few people I hadn’t seen for a while asked me how my business was going, and I could honestly say, “Good, and I’m having a blast.”

Hope you’re having a blast too…and finding lots of treasure. Would love to hear if you’ve kept anything too!

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