Summertime Sales Blues or Time to Recharge!

catLately, I’ve felt demotivated. I sighed a lot this week as I sorted through inventory. I sighed as I photographed items. I sighed as I added them to my store. I found myself sitting behind my laptop staring off into space…and yup, sighing.

It doesn’t help that sales were sluggish in May and typically remain that way through summer. Not just for me, but for many stores, even the Big Box stores. That’s probably the nub of my demotivation, but I think it’s also that I’ve allowed myself to get into a rut. It’s time to step back and get recharged! Nothing major. Just mix it up a little. So I came up with a list of things to help me get the zing back in my step and rekindle my passion. Anything resonate with you??

My Recharge Strategies

  • Take a few days off. Even though I only work part time on my business, I do some work every day, whether it’s listing items, packing them, answering customer questions, doing research, etc. I really need to give myself some “store-free” days!
  • Spend more time outside! I love puttering around my yard, getting my hands dirty, and just being outside.
  • Take time off from social media and news! Enough said.
  • Go to some concerts…and dance. Our city has a number of free concerts each summer. My favorite has been a Santana tribute band called Caravanseri.
  • Enjoy this “hunting-gathering” season of abundant yard sales. While I slowed down my sourcing this spring, summer is the perfect time to pick up great stuff for great prices. It would be silly not to take advantage of that! In a few days it’s our city-wide yard sale day with over 200 households having sales! My oldest daughter and I are super excited about it and will be carefully planning our route. In past years, I have walked away with some amazing finds including a WWII ammo case, Italian linens, vintage toys and Norwegian wool sweaters.
  • Journal more. I always get rejuvenated when I journal.
  • Take a trip to France! Okay, this is not going to happen this year, but it would recharge me–delicious food and wine, charming gardens and overflowing flea markets. Yes, please!

Would love to know what’s on your list. 🙂


  1. Love your list!! No. 1 on my list …more adventures with my family. Enjoy life! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good one!!! – Karen


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