“Bread and Butter” Finds

tomatoesIn my neck of the woods, the weather has been beautiful lately. Perfect summer weather in fact…sunny and warm (though now trending towards hot!) with a gentle breeze.  I have tomatoes on the four heirloom plants that I got from a neighbor and my lavender is blooming and looking pretty despite having its feet in our clay soil. And the blue jays have been loving the bits of old baking walnuts I’ve been setting out. But best of all both daughters are home and we’ve been having a great time watching movies, playing rummy, eating good food and hanging out. I am treasuring these moments. 

The only fly in the ointment has been a toothache, or what I thought was a toothache, but turned out to be a painful lymph node that’s affecting that side of my jaw. Who knew it could do that? Anyway the treatments I was doing at home the dentist said to keep doing (hot compresses and essential oils) and she gave me some heavy duty ibuprofen for pain and inflammation. It if gets worse (fever, swelling etc.) I’m to let her know ASAP, and plan B goes into effect. Hopefully, my body will soon fight off whatever is troubling it!

Now, onto the reason you’re reading…the stuff! Haven’t been sourcing a lot this week, but I did find a few fun “bread and butter” things. Like this vintage 1983 Art Clokey Gumby mug.


And this huge 21″ Folkmanis jack rabbit puppet complete with tag. Not old, but a fun toy.


And from a friend who gave me some goodies last week, in one of the boxes I found this little Native American clay pot signed “Yamco”. From research it’s been attributed to the Navajo tribe.


From a library book sale, I found this vintage Gamewright “Horse Show” card game.


And there was one book which had condition issues (musty odor and some water stains), but for 50 cents I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s a charming early 1900s version of “Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes” illustrated by Kate Greenaway. In better condition this would be a winner, but as is, I see this more as a cutter for crafters.



So no home runs, but still things somebody will appreciate.

I am also appreciating that June sales have been better than May (phew!!) and have included selling some Christmas decorations. Hope this trends keeps up. 🙂

Wishing you happy hunting and staying cool.


  1. Tess

    Your tomatoes are gorgeous. Sadly mine got nibbled up. Twice.

    Charming illustrations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tess. Hoping the critters don’t find my tomatoes! 🙂 – Karen


  2. I hope you feel better!! 😦 Love your finds as always!

    Liked by 1 person

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