Ending the Day With Gratitude

Yesterday seemed to be filled with lots (and lots) of little annoying moments. (Ever have days like that?) Here are some examples:

  • While out grocery shopping I bought what I thought was a small $1.99 bag of potatoes (those lovely little red ones) but was charged $1.99/per pound bringing it to almost $10! (Seriously??!! I’m taking them back today.)
  • Esty deactivated one of my listings because it possibly violates their prohibited list. (It doesn’t.) 
  • Hot oil splashed on my hand and arm as I was braising meat. The little burns were painful enough that I had to cancel going to a birthday BBQ for a dear 88-year-old friend that night. (I’m going to take her out to lunch later.)
  • And on and on.

So when I popped into Goodwill for a few minutes before heading to the post office (pre-hot oil burn) I wasn’t optimistic. In fact I knew this trip would be a waste of time. A complete waste. Such was my frame of mind as I wandered the store. And then in the linens aisle, on the shelves jammed with used pillowcases and pilled acrylic blankets, I spotted this blanket…a vintage Dunderry Woolens wool plaid blanket in beautiful condition.


Yes! The clouds parted a little!


This looks like a car or picnic blanket to me.

It’s funny though…I’m trying to find out more about Dunderry Woolens and their products and it’s like the company never existed! Possibly they were connected with Rockford Mitten and Hosiery Co. in Rockford, Illinois, that went out of business in 1957. I’m also not finding any other Dunderry Woolens items for sale or sold. I’ll keep searching, but regardless, it’s a nice find.

complaintsLater that night, while nursing my arm with lavender essential oil and an ice pack, I realized that all the little “bad” things I had allowed to annoy me during the day were so inconsequential. They were nothing. How could I get so annoyed over nothing?!

I have so, SO much to be grateful for. And I am.

I’m realizing gratitude is a choice that needs to be practiced daily. 🙂

Hope your day is filled with good finds and gratitude. 


  1. too bad so many of us take awhile to figure this out…as you said, it’s often after the fact…..good post…are you cooking hot over there? Would you like to come here for a few hours and cool off? The main floor is kept the coolest, after several hot days my AC fights with the hot roof…..but you could bring your laptop and we could sit in the ‘great room’ ???? My next commitment is 4 pm….. >

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rosalie. I would love to take you up on your A/C offer, but I have an appt. from 1-3 today. Blessings.


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