So Ugly It’s Good…Right?

Sometimes the shelves in my little neighborhood Goodwill are jam packed and stuff is piled on stuff that is piled on more stuff. It’s easy to miss things. So I’m glad I took a second pass down the dishware aisle…because that’s when I spotted this huge (17.5″), vintage ceramic platter on a lower shelf.

Gosh, this piece was in perfect condition. How is that even possible? It survived decades of use and being dropped off and shoved on a thrift store shelf.


While some vintage ceramic pieces look fresh, modern and appealing, I have to admit this doesn’t! I’m confused by the disparate design elements in this piece…the wood grain with the “carved fruit” with the tie-dye glaze over the flowers. But still it is soooo ’60s/’70s and in such super condition that I couldn’t not buy it. (Excuse the awkward double negative!)

I could see it in a room like this…or maybe not. Most of the elements here are so tapered and clean lined.


But still, I think someone will like want this. Right??

I do think it would be fun to use. Makes me wish I gave quirky little retro cocktail parties so I could use pieces like this! I’d pile it with crackers and cheese and maybe little dishes of olives. (Maybe I should give quirky little retro cocktail parties!)

Here are some of the details: It’s made by Treasure Craft (made in USA), a company that was started in 1945 by Alfred Levin after his discharge from the Navy. Perhaps after the horrors of WWII pottery seemed like a nice outlet. Or maybe it was just a really good business opportunity as the war had halted ceramic production and imports from Japan and Germany. The company took off and grew, lasting for decades and employing over 500 people. They made figurines, cookie jars, banks, ashtrays, platters and containers, you name it! The “wood stain” found on this platter is one of their specialities. Eventually Alfred retired and his son took over and in 1988 sold the company to rival Pfaltzgraff who moved manufacturing operations to China and Mexico. 🙂

Anyway, wishing you happy hunting…as always!! And do share your latest retro find!!

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  1. yes- the 70s market is totally hot! look at fat lava— i is think this piece will be snapped up.

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