Summertime Mode

I’ve been enjoying summer and I hope you have been too! Last week my husband and I went to a great blues band concert in our downtown. One of those fabulous freebies! You know I was up there dancing. (Life is too short not to dance!) And in a few weeks it’s our annual block party. Lots of great food and catching up with neighbors.

There’s also been a wonderful abundance of yard, estate, rummage sales but I’ve been seriously curtailing my hunting lately. It’s just too easy for me to be in constant acquisition mode. (Maybe it’s the same for you.) So I’ve been focusing more on listing my backlog and getting organized. I’ve sadly fallen behind on tracking my expenses. 😦

For the last few weeks the only sourcing I’ve done (excluding eBay finds) is at my neighborhood Goodwill thrift store because it’s “on my route” to and from various places. But after months of finding great stuff there I had three visits in a row where I walked out empty handed!!

So a few days ago when I popped into the store on my way home from the gym I was determined to buy something just to break the cycle. I saw this bracelet in the jewelry cabinet and took a closer look. It was unmarked, but the etching showed promise and I decided to buy it!


Was hoping, hoping, hoping it might be sterling silver–it is tarnished, not magnetic (though all that proves is that it’s not iron, nickel, steel or cobalt) and melts ice within a second of contact. But after I wiped away the tarnish I saw that inside the bangle there is weird unevenness to the finish. Poop! It’s silver plated. Still, it’s a sweet, wearable bracelet, just not the score I’d hoped for.

I also found this nice leather jacket. It’s not vintage, but it is super soft lamb with lots of cute details and in pristine condition. Perfect for fall when the weather starts turning chilly.


My friend Joan, who works at St. Nicholas Church, encouraged me to check out their church rummage sale this weekend, and after weeks of curtailed hunting, I think I owe it to myself to go. 🙂

What’s Selling

Thankfully July sales have started off strong. Here are a few items that sold.

I just knew someone would want that handmade ceramic cockroach bowl! And this 1950s Haeger planter is heading to the post office today.

Art Pottery Find Update

You may remember this mystery jug from a previous post. I put photos of this on two different online antique forums and folks think it’s European (likely Dutch, French or Austrian) and likely from the Art Nouveau era. I did find this Pinterest photo (on right) of a Dutch jug that is getting closer to the unique shape of mine.

My next step will be to contact an expert to get more information and a valuation. Some auction houses provide this for free. For example I could contact Christie’s and provide photos and all the info I have and if this item is typically one they would sell, they would send me an auction estimate. Christie’s is such a posh place that it doesn’t seem likely, but, hey, the service is free so I gotta try!

Happy summertime and happy hunting!


  1. That would be so cool if Christie’s can identify the pottery piece for you. Good luck!

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  2. thanks for the update- it’s an fascinating saga!


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