Church Rummage Sale Finds

I love church rummage sales, but so does everyone else. I got there 10-15 minutes before it opened to find the parking lot TOTALLY FULL and the line already about 40 people long. By the time I found street parking and hiked back up the hill, the line was about 75 people long. Oh boy. But they opened promptly at 9:00 and we all got inside pretty quickly. 🙂

I spotted a section that looked promising and made a beeline for it. Turns out it was their “treasures” area where better pieces and vintage stuff was displayed. Perfect. I immediately grabbed this huge handmade needlepoint wall hanging done in Christmasy colors. (It’s 39″ long without the hanger or fringe.) I can’t decide if I think it’s a tribal motif or a folksy Scandinavian one. I think this would look great with the hanging bits removed and used as a table runner too.


Later, in a different area of the sale, I found a matching pillowcase! Someone was very busy.


And I really liked this Italian-made statue of a shepherd, possibly stone resin. It’s a copy of a famous one that’s centuries old. (Think 300 BC!) Shepherds were a common Greek theme, later used by Romans and borrowed by Christians to refer to Jesus as the Good Shepherd. A sweet image. (Not sure I’m selling him!)


And I have high hopes that this vintage Italian-made St. John leather handbag will do well. A classy design and maker.


And my last purchase…a naively painted Alice in Wonderland matryoshka nesting doll set where everyone looks slightly worried! Aren’t these great?! I find these much more intriguing than the perfect beautifully done ones (like this $450 set on the right).


My husband thinks my judgment was a tad askew when I purchased them so we have a small bet going! I betting I can sell them! To me they look slightly Picasso-esque. Maybe I’m being too fanciful…they were likely slapped together on a Chinese assembly line. A small bit of tag remains on the bottom and it looks like they were made by “Authentic Models.” So not high end, but still….

Had a great time and was glad I went. My total for everything…$26. (Thank you Joan for the heads up!)

As always, happy hunting!


  1. Tess

    cute assortment!


  2. go you good thing!

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