Not a Bad Little Haul for $21

Playing around with a new template for my blog. Not sure if this is the one I’ll stick with or not. Likely it will morph a bit more! (Leaning towards putting dynamic content on my home page.) A couple of new features which excite me but probably no one else…I have my own domain now and I can add Paypal buttons so folks can buy things directly from me with ease. 🙂

Thank you for sticking with me during this “under construction/playing around” season!

Wasn’t intending on popping into Goodwill today but I had to go out anyway to do a post-office run and my car just started turning towards the store. Even though I was just there a few days ago, I found some super nice things that put a little skip in my step.

First this I spotted this ceramic carafe and cup by Javier Servin on a cart of new goodies. Servin is a noted Mexican artisan who does amazing pieces. This looks a bit Moroccan-inspired to me.


Brand new Servin carafes and mug sets sell for $126.


In one of the purse areas of the store, tucked up high and nearly hidden, I spotted this beautiful vintage beaded purse made in Hong Kong. It’s clean with no bead loss. Likely from the 1950s/60s, similar ones sell for $40-$70.


And lastly in the crystal/glassware aisle I found a Vera Wang Wedgwood Duchesse Encore crystal bowl. I’ve gone over it (and over it) and find no damage. It still retains a store sticker on the bottom. It’s not a vintage piece but still much too nice to pass up. 🙂


Brand new this sells for $160.


So I’m hoping to turn my 30-minute store visit/$21 investment into $200 or so. We’ll see!

An Art Pottery Update

Sent Christie’s auction house info and photos about an art pottery jug I bought over a month ago hoping to get an estimate for it. Here’s part of their message: “Based on the information provided, your property does not appear to fall into a property category or value level that Christie’s currently handles for sale. For that reason, our specialists are not able to suggest an estimate or provide other information.”

Well, poop. I knew it was a long shot, but was still a smidge hopeful. I have a list of other auction houses to try and won’t give up yet.


As always, happy hunting!


  1. Patty Payne

    Hey Karen. I like the layout/ format but don’t like the font. It’s hard to read (for these eyes anyway!) I like the added PayPal button cuz now I may have to do an impulse buy from you sometime!


  2. Thanks for the feedback Patty. This is helpful!


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