A Fragile Start to Autumn


A few weeks back I snuck a pic of her at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.

Feeling fragile. My youngest just went back to university some 925 miles away. Since she rents an apartment year round she had stayed on most this summer to knock out some classes during summer school. We’ve only seen her in person five weeks this whole year. (Thank goodness for Facetime.) But in the few weeks that we were together this summer we saw the total eclipse in Nebraska with my husband’s family, spent a weekend in San Francisco, watched movies, played games, went thrifting, took walks in the neighborhood and talked about life. It was wonderful. But now she’s back at school and I need to dry my tears, pull on my big-girl pants and get focused on the things I need to do this fall.

One of them is to continue decluttering. The other day I dropped off a whole car load of clothes, books, and odds and ends at Goodwill. Everyone in the family contributed to the pile, but there is much more we could donate. I also have a list of garden projects I need to do to ready our yard for the rainy winter season…roses to prune, plants to replace, a bit of cleanup. And of course, I need to keep plugging away at adding stuff to my online stores, particularly as the holidays are just around the corner!!

I’ve been digging into stuff I bought eons ago and every once in a while I pull out something and mutter “What was I thinking?!” I realize sometimes I buy with my heart not my head. Does that ever happen to you? Here’s a “good” example…


I bought this antique Meriden B. Company sugar and creamer set a while back because I was charmed by them. But not only are they silver plated, the plating is worn in places and there’s a tiny bit of corrosion inside. What was I thinking? Even if I cleaned them up, no one is going to use them to serve cream and sugar.

Then I thought, what if I add a bit of ribbon and sell them as Christmas ornaments?? Imagine this with a pretty bit of plaid ribbon hanging on a tree.


Gosh they would be cute and fairly non-destructible as ornaments. Not much profit, but I would be giving them a new lease on life. 🙂

Now what to do about this little wabi-sabi alabaster vase/urn? I bought this for a few bucks at a rummage sale over a year ago. At first glance it looks fine, but in reality it has a small hole on one side near the top and is impressively rough and dirty inside.

So why did I buy it? I guess I thought it might be some cool archeological find. Something that had been buried for a century or two and was now lovingly displayed on it’s own little stand. One fly in the ointment…it’s etched “Italy” on the bottom. Perhaps not so old! I wish I knew the story behind it because I feel like there is one. But in all honesty, who is going to want to buy it? Haven’t got this one figured out. Ideas??

And then there are the cribbage game boards. I used to know how to play cribbage. My gram taught me when I was a pre-teen a zillion years ago and I remember enjoying it. So now when I see a vintage wood cribbage board I usually can’t resist (I have a few on hand)…and yet…well, they are not worth a tuppence.


So the lesson here is that I need to curb my “buying from the heart.” I do. I know I do. I need to be cool headed and rational about every purchase. Something to work towards.

Hope your fall is going well and all your finds have been good ones!



  1. i love the upcycled ornament idea – you really think laterally. or- you could style them with little poseys- i do find that images have to give buyers alternative use ideas. i photograph my collection with my son- who generallly dislikes most of it- but often comes up with witty and unusual uses – it makes me laugh and think of things differently.

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    1. I really like your idea about showing buyers alternate uses for things. I need to start doing that!! Cool that your son helps you photograph things…and gives you a different perspective. 🙂 – Karen


  2. The two-piece set would look lovely with some wintery decorations in it, like a small flower/branch composition?
    Could the tall vase/urn be used as a flower vase?
    I do have the same issue – sometimes I buy things without properly thinking it through, but in time I’m learning to think a bit more prior to putting the item in my basket 🙂
    Have a lovely and productive week!

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    1. Oooh…I like the wintery decorations idea. I have red berries that would look good spilling out of them. The alabaster vase is only 3″ tall but perhaps I could put some pheasant feathers in it? All the best, Karen

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  3. Funny, the other day I was shopping in a charity (thrift) shop and the lady volunteering there was so kind that helped me not to buy some things I liked but had no use in sight for…
    I really appreciated her advice! She must have been sent by some higher entity to remind me of my pledge to buy less 😉

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