Too Much Inventory!

Sometimes you get to a point when you know something needs to change…I’m at that point! Like many people in this biz I enjoy finding the items I put in my store. The hunt is the ridiculously fun part and it’s easy to spend a disproportionate amount of time on this one aspect. But with excess inventory now cluttering parts of our house and our garage filling up with storage bins, I really need to get serious about addressing this problem.


  • Get a storage unit for the excess. This is a common solution for many. I checked into prices of nearby units. Currently a 5′ by 12′ upstairs unit is about $90 a month. Hmmm. I’d rather not do this though.
  • Get a booth in an antique mall.  I spoke with the owner of one mall by phone. For some reason she wanted to steer me towards a locked cabinet and quoted a price of $160 a month, plus 11% commission. Ouch! But I don’t want a locked cabinet. I want a booth for bigger hard-to ship things like quilts, pottery, paintings, etc. I’ll need to go and visit in person and get more information, but I’m not confident this would be a good move financially.
  • Cull out older pieces that haven’t sold. Like most pickers, I’ve bought things over the years that just didn’t capture a buyer’s attention even with a reduced price. Most were bought in my early, less discriminating years. I’m going to gather these up and donate them back to charity. I thought about having a yard sale, but I’m not wasting any more time, energy or space on them.
  • Run more sales to reduce inventory faster! I am starting to do this now that Etsy has launched a handy new sales feature.
  • Stop buying “new” inventory for a while. Okay, this is an obvious step and the toughest. Likely I won’t stop hunting altogether, but I will be very picky about what I buy.

So I have a few good ideas to try and hope to clear out enough stuff so that by the holidays our house and garage will be noticeably less cluttered.

And I swear I was picky when I popped into Goodwill for a few minutes today! Only bought a couple of things. 🙂 First this fabulous Ken Edwards pottery mother quail with two chicks.


These type of vintage Edwards’ El Palomar pieces are not valuable, but they are collectible and I have sold a number of his ceramics. It was a no-brainer to put these in my basket!


Then I found what I hope is an authentic Kate Spade purse for $14.85. The leather and workmanship are good quality and all the logos seem authentic. This style is listed as a Grey Street Cooper on the Spade website.


The only hitch…a few fashion bloggers have stated that authentic leather Kate Spade purses are ONLY made in Italy. This one was made in China. I went to the official Kate Spade site to verify and they state that their leather purses are “imported.” Well, that’s no help, so I emailed their customer support and asked. Haven’t heard from them yet. At present I’m 95% certain this is an authentic Spade bag, but if it isn’t I will exchange it or keep it to use. (It is quite nice!) I wouldn’t sell a knockoff. [Postscript: Heard from a representative at Kate Spade: “Please know, the majority of our leathers are sourced from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and are ultimately finished in Asia.” So the bloggers’ info was old! Looks like I got myself a Kate Spade purse. :)]

Would love to hear how you deal with too much inventory!

Happy hunting,




  1. I’m not a real dealer, but I’m also selling part of what I collected.
    Sometimes I go for your solution no.3 (cull to charity) or no.5 (buy less). I had some belongings in storage and it ended up badly (hint: fire at the premises)…
    Hope you find the right solution 🙂

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  2. Thanks! I am definitely culling some and trying to buy less. I may focus more on smaller items too, like jewelry. All the best, Karen


  3. How about only bring in the same number of items that go out? Sell 3 items this week and you are allowed to bring home 3 items, if you must. Or maybe even a smaller percentage such as sell 3 bring in 2.

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  4. vintageliaison

    I am having this same problem also. I don’t like selling online, so I opted to just increase my space at the co-op I currently sell items in. I also decided to try a second location a few months ago, but that hasn’t worked out as well as I had hoped, so I will be closing that booth down at the end of the holiday season. I’ve decided to try and sell a lot of marked down items there over the holidays.


  5. That sounds like a good plan! I’m hoping to get this stuff under control in the next few months. 🙂 – Karen


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