Kindred Spirits, Like You

Lately my husband has been looking at the things that have been selling in my store and shaking his head with incredulity. “This just shakes my faith in humanity” he said the other morning.

Now I happen to like the things I sell, like this little hand-painted Madonna icon from Poland circa 1969. Painted on what looks like a roofing tile, it charmed me so much that I enjoyed it for a whole year before listing it in my store. When I finally listed it, it sold in two weeks time and I wasn’t surprised. In my mind it’s a gem. (Cost: $5, Sold: $70) It was hard to see it go! And this Victorian 1800s figurine of dogs (likely Staffordshire) was charming in its own way too and a heart-stopping thrift store find. It just found a new home. (Cost: $10, Sold: $100)

But he really didn’t understand why anyone would buy the 1950s/1960s tin of used watercolors. I’m guessing this was a “nostalgic” buy. And honestly, most of the colors are barely used. (Cost: free, Sold: $20)

The truth is my husband and I have different tastes and material needs. He enjoys good design, functionality and modern stuff in a sparer environment. I enjoy soulful antiques, quirky stuff and the hominess of having more things (though clutter does drive me crazy).

While I wish our tastes were more sympatico, we do manage to find furniture and things we both like. 🙂 But perhaps because of our differences it makes me doubly appreciate those kindred spirits who do like older stuff. Like you…and my friend Lauri. I visited her last February we happily spent days antiquing together. I think when all was said and done we had perused 10 antique stores. Amongst the bits I bought was this incredible handmade baby dress. The crochet work on this puts it in the heirloom quality category. I haven’t listed it yet.


And both of my twenty-something daughters surprise me with some of the older things they like. For example, my youngest, a bit of a tomboy, likes the fanciful pink Italian Spode cachepot I bought. I think I should put this on our mantel with some Christmas greenery.


I’ll never be the person who lines up to buy the latest iPhone or gets excited about a huge Plasma TV. And I rarely shop at the big, upscale shopping center near my home. But put me in a flea market, thrift store or antique mall and holy smokes, I get a little high!

What’s your favorite shopping venue??

As always, happy hunting!



  1. Great Blog!!! You should read John Ortberg’s latest book : ” I’d like you better if you were more like me”—the different ways people respond to things, it does take awhile, I admit, to accept there are different styles, and none is more right than another….. but we have to laugh about the person buying the paints!!! RJN

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  2. vintageliaison

    My favorite place to shop right now is the picker sale that usually happens when I go and pick up items I have purchased from an online estate auction. Generally there is a ton of stuff they didn’t feel would sell at auction and you can usually fill a box for $10 or $20 dollars depending on the quality of the items being offered. There are also items that might be priced separately at these sales also. Sometimes I make sure I buy just one lot so I can go to the picker sale. The picker sale is for auction buyer’s only. Since I sell a lot of vintage kitchen in my booth, these sales are usually full of great items that most people don’t want!

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    1. Sounds like a great way to get items inexpensively. I haven’t tried an online estate auction yet. Came close with a company called MaxSold. Maybe I’ll give it a try in 2018. 🙂 – Karen


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