Small Finds, but Good Times

It was a perfect sunny fall day and my oldest daughter and I decided to go thrifting. (Good plan!) Our first stop was a Goodwill store five miles away. We arrived about 11:00 a.m. and the place was hopping. It’s bigger than my neighborhood Goodwill, but I’ve never found a home-run score here. Never. And alas, yesterday was no exception. While my daughter shopped for clothes, I rummaged all over, high and low, and went down some aisles a few times. But just wasn’t finding anything. Drat! Finally I spotted three rather appealing, little stone bud vases and thought these would look cute on someone’s window ledge or small table and put them in my basket. (I’ll be pricing this lot at $19.99.)


Later we headed to my daughter’s favorite consignment shop. It’s a tiny jewel of a store with a friendly salesclerk. I was just window shopping while my daughter tried on clothes, but in the half-price room I found a taupe silk tunic. Jeez, it fit perfectly, looked great and is the kind of top I can wear year round. Okay, so I guess I was buying some clothes too.

And then I spotted (swooned over) this Ustunler (Turkish) silk scarf with a lush, decorative pattern.

No, no, no. I do not need a scarf. Absolutely not. In fact this summer and fall I’ve sold off a number of my scarves because I wasn’t wearing them. But I loved the colors and patterns on this…a lot. I kept going back to look at it on the rack. Okay, you know where this is heading….in the end I bought it! Just to break the “buying scarves, but never wearing them curse” I plan on wearing it this Saturday to a birthday dinner.

While I did not find much for my Etsy store this day it was nice to spend time with my oldest daughter. Her work and social calendar tend to be full so it’s nice to have these fun little moments together. And my youngest will be home from college on Saturday and I am super excited about our upcoming time together. She has already told me she has a queue of classic movies to watch with me and possibly more than one game of Monopoly to play as a family.

A few days ago though I did buy a couple more pieces at my new online source including this sterling silver signed Native American concho pin. This hasn’t arrived yet, but will clean up nicely and should do well.


And earlier this week I found a little Russian lacquer box at my neighborhood Goodwill. It’s signed by the artist on the front and has some lettering on the back. Some of the super duper ones have intricate paintings of fairy tale scenes or Russian landmarks and cost in the hundreds and even thousands. Mine is quite modest, but still a pretty “bread and butter” find and the perfect box for rings and such.


And who doesn’t need a rusty vintage cast iron pulley thingy? I may wait till I have a few more rusty bits to create an intriguing lot.


One small disappointment…my lot of four sterling demi spoons arrived and one of them is not sterling, but electro-plated and has some damage I didn’t notice in the photos. It’s unsellable. Poop! I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but still a minor niggle. The other spoons are fine. It turns out the modest, twist handle, thistle spoon is by Hamilton & Inches of Edinburgh, Scotland, and was made in 1888 according to the date stamp!

Another lot of demi spoons arrives today and I am a tad nervous. Hoping none of these turn out to be silverplate as I paid quite a bit for them.

I’ll close for now wishing you all happy hunting,




  1. Love the Russian box!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same Eugenia! I had the chance to visit Russia years ago and never bought a souvenir for myself. I’ll enjoy this little box till it sells. 🙂


  2. merry christmas to you and yours! i always read & enjoy your posts- i am particularly taken by your enjoyment of vintage items before/while you list them. i do the same. happy new vintage year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Edwina. Every once in a while I’m actually disappointed when something sells! Christmas blessings to you and your family. – Karen

      P.S. Love your blog and vintage stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

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