How was your Christmas?

To be honest I wasn’t ready for it. The house never got fully clean. I didn’t bake one batch of cookies. (In my defense our stove died on Thanksgiving and a new one is in the process of being installed.) I only managed to send out six Christmas cards. And I fell behind in my daily Advent readings from a wonderful book by Henri Nouwen.

That said, the day was lovely. Our few presents were thoughtfully chosen. The food simple but tasty. And the day unfolded leisurely in card games, movies and cracking open new books. (My daughters each got me interesting nonfiction books about people who make money selling old things!!)

I did buy one Christmas gift for myself this year…a small painting from one of my artist friends. Sue lives in Texas, but has a daughter and grandchildren in California, which is where I met her randomly at a “meet and greet” time at our church when she was visiting. We “clicked” and now keep in touch through Facebook where, from time to time, she posts her latest artwork. I fell for this little orange and blue painting called “Pondering” and it was for sale.


Now it’s sitting on one of our picture rails looking at “The Chess Board” woodcut print by Irving Amen, perhaps pondering the next move.


Also pictured: a 1968 Bernard Buffet Paris print (yard sale find), a plein air painting by friend Kevin Courter, a moody San Francisco painting by W. King (Etsy purchase) and a 1976 painting of the Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen (estate sale find).

I am going to keep reading my Nouwen Advent book and may yet make a batch of gingerbread, but I am also looking ahead to 2018.

One of my goals is to assess the types of things I’m buying to resell. Take today for example. I popped into Goodwill on my way to the post office and immediately spotted this 1960s/1970s Lefton, Japan, ceramic Siamese cat figurine. This thing is huge (16″ or so) and such a fun, kitschy piece. I almost put it in my basket, but I stopped.


Yes, there would be some profit in it, but it would likely take a while to sell. And it was big and breakable and would be tricky to store and ship. Was it worth it? In the end I decided no.

But a few days before Christmas I did buy a woven lidded basket. Likely just an older Chinese or South American import, but so nicely made and at 10″ diameter a useful item to store remotes, keys, sewing supplies, love letters (!), photos, etc.


And I was excited to find this antique typewriter key bracelet amongst all the junk jewelry in the Goodwill case.


I’ve often wondered if I should focus more on jewelry. It’s certainly a niche I enjoy and have a small bit of knowledge. Plus pieces are easy to store and ship!

Well, I’ve got a lot of thinking and work to do before 2017 ends.

Would love to hear about your holidays.

Happy hunting,


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