Travel Finds

I love exploring thrift and antique stores when traveling. (I’m guessing you do too!) So when a last-minute trip to Bellingham, Washington, came up, I knew if it was at all possible, I would check out a few stores. The one fly in the ointment…I only had a carry-on suitcase with me.

My first port of call was Wise Buys Thrift–an Indie thrift that supports a non-profit serving homeless families.


At this charming store I bought a small framed 1950s/1960s era football team photo with the names of everyone written on the back. It was pricy and I shouldn’t have bought it, but I have a thing for team/group photos like this.


At State Street Thrift and Vintage I was sorely tempted by a hefty, rusty, antique cast iron pulley, but feared it wouldn’t make it past airport security.


In the end I bought a vintage pink silk Nanette Lepore top embellished with lace and ribbon and a vintage bone mahjong tile bracelet. I may or may not be able to sell the bracelet on Etsy. Half the time they deactivate my bone items claiming they are prohibited (“ivory or bones from ivory-producing animals, including mammoth ivory and bones”) though they are just cow bone. Another seller had an “ivory-colored plastic” item deactivated!! I mean honestly!! But this bracelet was too cool to pass up.


On Monday, my daughter was busy with classes so I had to figure out what I was going to do. I was tempted to stay in the hotel and write as it was gloomy and rainy, but then rain stopped and there was a hint of sun! I pulled myself together and dashed out to catch the bus to downtown Bellingham. Destination…antique stores!

I stumbled first on Antiques by Holly. A tiny, crowded gem of a store. Too crowded really, but wonderful with so many good things.


I got talking with the owner Ral who was a character. He ended up sharing poems he’d written in Christmas cards. As I said, a character. 🙂 It was here I found a silverplate “bottoms up” Napier cocktail jigger circa 1950s. I’ve sold one of these before. This one is not in pristine condition, but still usable.


Also spotted this huge sterling silver signed hibiscus pin. I couldn’t read the signature on the pin, but it started with “C” and had four letters. I asked if it was Coro or Cini and he said Coro. He was willing to negotiate a bit and I was happy to buy both and help support his biz. Turns out the pin is Cini which is better. This pin has recently sold online for over $250.


Next stop, Penny Lane Antiques with several floors of vendor booths to peruse. I love these kind of stores. I found two things within minutes of walking in the door including this delicate bracelet with wrapped agate and quartz pieces.


And I found a sweet “Custom Made by Christina, Detroit” purse. I’ll be honest, I fell in love with this purse and paid more than I should have (even after negotiating) and then later discovered a small bit of damage. Poop. That said, I’m going to display this and enjoy it for a while before I list it.


These vintage English horse brasses were a must buy. I’ve sold horse brasses in the past but these four were bigger and marked England. The pixie and the camel were my favorites but I’m not too fond of the homemade leather holder, so I may remove them from it.


I also couldn’t resist this little Wahl Eversharp sterling silver pencil. With it’s little loop I’m wondering if it this was attached to a chatelaine at one point.


So all in all, I am happy with my finds…and the hours spent hunting them down. 🙂

How about you…find anything good while traveling??

Happy hunting,




  1. My wife had an all-day conference, so I went to find goodies at the thrift and antique stores. I visited Flea Marketeers in Asheboro, NC. I spent at least 4.5 hours there. I decided to look in every booth, and I found plenty of treasures for myself. When my wife has to go someplace for a conference, I usually tag along and find treasures. It actually feels like a buying trip, but I’m usually keeping everything.

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  2. Hi Fonda…I know the feeling. Sometimes things are so good you have to keep them! – Karen


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