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Lately life has been “too full” leaving me feeling jangled. One of this past week’s obligations was an appointment to have an old filling replaced. Now my dentist is both knowledgable and gentle…one of the best…but still it was a bit of a trial. You know how it is…shots, drilling, suction. Too many instruments fiddling around in there. By the end of the hour I felt a headache coming on. When I got home I dosed myself with ibuprofen and rubbed peppermint oil on critical head areas and reminded myself how blessed I was to have access to good dentistry and medicine!

After my dentist appointment I just wanted to lie down, but I had two fragile eBay orders to package. I only list about 20 things at any given time on eBay so I tend to forget about them and it’s always a bit of a surprise when something sells! One of the sold items was this very cool, handmade pottery vase made by artist Ross Spangler.


Similar vases by him sell for well over $100 (currently another seller has one listed for $210 on eBay), but I’d had mine on eBay for more than a year (two years?) with little interest so I accepted an offer. It was time to let it go. (Bought for $8 at my neighborhood Goodwill, sold for $45.)

After packaging the items, I had a quick lunch, ran to the post office to drop off my packages and went to pick up a friend to take her to a medical appointment that required a ride to and from. By the time I was all done, it was mid afternoon and I was feeling strangely knackered with little to show for it.

Ever have days like this?!

Sales Update

On a positive note, sales have been moderately strong so far this year and have included this colorful handmade pottery vase that I’d had in my store for a while. I’m happy it’s found a new home. (Bought for $3.45, sold for $30.)


And I just sold these cute Campbell’s Soup Winter Olympics 1984 Sarajevo Corelle ware bowls. (Bought for $10 at a church rummage sale, sold for $35.)


No big profits here, but “bread and butter” sales do add up.

New Art Buys

I’m still buying art and splashed out for two pieces online yesterday. One was listed as a “Signed Original Framed Painting of a City.” I took a look and saw the “Gleria” signature. Hmmm. A quick spot of research and I discovered this painting was by Angelo Gleria (1918-1991) and his paintings can sell in the $150-$300 range. The opening bid on this was $9.99 and I was hoping that no one else would discover it! Alas two people did and the price got run up in the last minutes but I managed to squeak in one more bid in the last few seconds and snagged it. (The photos from the listing were not the best.)


And I bought this “wild card” watercolor on eBay listed as “Original Watercolor 60’s US Mid Century Jesus Religion signed art painting Bible.” Rather a confusing title for a painting of a nativity scene. I like it, though I wish the swaddling cloths looked a bit less funereal.


I looked up Margaret and Joe Hurley and found an interesting link. Could this be the Margaret and Joe on this painting? Both of them had served in the Washington state legislature, Margaret deciding to run in the 1950s (a bold move for conservative Catholic wife and mother) after her husband decided not to anymore. She served for 32 years and lived to 105. The article says she took up watercolor painting in her retirement (in the 1990s). This painting is dated 1964 so I’m wondering if she dabbled before her retirement. Of course it could be that this painting has nothing to do with this particular couple, but it just might!

Anyway my schedule this week is less hectic and I’ll have time to focus on listing things and reorganizing my inventory. Not so fun, but necessary. 🙂

As always, happy hunting,



  1. My husband went to the dentist for he first time in years on Friday and has a “fun” journey of drilling, suction, etc later this week.


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