An Unexpected New Source

I so appreciate that I have friends who support me and my vintage business in various ways…with words of encouragement, giving me stuff they no longer want, buying stuff from me, bringing me their old boxes and packing material, telling me about possible sourcing venues.  It’s been wonderful. A blessing.

So when my friend JoDee mentioned a unique sale to me I knew I had to check it out. The Fab Mo organization rescues fabrics, tiles, carpet, etc. (keeping it from hitting the landfill) and sells it cheaply for creative use. While I’m not creative with my hands they were also selling jewelry at this sale. JoDee warned me that the opening line gets long early, so this morning I pulled on my big girl pants and got there one hour before the opening and was second in line! Sweet, but waiting an hour in the 33 degree temp (that’s fahrenheit!) was not so fun. By the end my feet were numb in my boots and I was chilled to the bone. But the ladies on either side of me were “chatty Cathys” and that helped pass the time. One was particularly an over sharer. For example, I know that her second husband married her just to get his green card and later “robbed her blind.” Oh boy!

Once the doors opened at 9:00 I made a beeline for the back room to find the jewelry table. Within seconds it was mobbed. I didn’t find any stellar pieces, but I got a few “cheap and cheerful” items including a hand-made steampunk pin, a 1950s rhinestone pin and copper hoop earrings.




But surprisingly my favorite jewelry purchase was this ridiculous statement necklace made of huge (I mean HUGE) dyed howlite chunks. This thing weighs two pounds.


You gotta have a lot of chutzpah to wear this! (Don’t think I could wear this out…or could I?? Could you?) 


But as I was heading up to the cashier to pay for my jewelry I passed by tables with some of the nicer remnants of home decorating fabrics and had to take a closer look. I do love nice fabrics, though I haven’t sewn in years and I haven’t sold much fabric in my Etsy store. My eyes immediately gravitated to some lovely linen toile fabric. It was in the “Trianon” pattern by Manuel Canovas of Paris. Couldn’t resist this and put both the rouge and marine remnants (2 1/2 yards each) in my bag.



A little more digging in the piles and I found a three-yard linen remnant called “Elinors Chinese” by GP & J Baker, made in England. It appears to be in pristine condition.


I felt they were all winners and when I got home and started doing the research, I got excited. Holy smokes, designer fabric is expensive!  The “Elinors Chinese” retails for $138 a yard and the “Trianon” for even more! The toile pieces have a rod pocket at the top and I believe (given the professional info attached) that they were hung in a store as samples. But so far I see no damage so they still have value. 🙂

Well, now there’s a result I hadn’t expected. I thought I was going for the jewelry but apparently it was for fabulous fabric! (Thank you Fab Mo and JoDee.)

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Nice! The Elinor fabric really appeals to me as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s quite lovely. Now I wish I had bought more fabric bits! – Karen


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