A Few Friday Finds

Friday. Who doesn’t love Friday? And bonus I decided to go out and do a little thrifting. I had an early appointment at my new fabric source and entered the warehouse with great anticipation. They didn’t have any big remnants out, just smaller sample pieces. At first I was disappointed, but still some of the samples were lovely and big enough (17.5″ square) to be made into small pillows. I ended up finding 10 pieces of this embroidered “Deerfield” linen fabric by Nobilis, Paris.


Not sure yet if I’ll bundle them up as a lot or allow folks to select the quantity they want. I will sell these five attractive single embroidered pieces as a lot. These are just big enough to squeak out a 14″ pillow with a plain muslin back.

They did have about a dozen fabrics on bolts that you could get cut to your desired length. This paisley in muted tones of gold, gray and cream was the only one of interest, so I got three yards. It is not a soft fabric (guessing there’s some synthetic material in the blend) but it seems like it would wear well on floor pillows or seat cushions.


Couldn’t resist these vintage sewing patterns from 1960s-1980s. Some are uncut, others partially cut. There’s not a lot of money in these particular patterns, though some sell for $40-60.


To be honest while I have sold some fabric and patterns in my store in the past, I still see this an experiment. I’m testing the waters. On the plus side, fabric is easy to store and ship!

Later at my neighborhood thrift store I found a “Made in England” Portmeirion creamer and sugar bowl with lid in the “Goddess of Fruit” pattern. I’ve only had one piece of Portmeirion before in my store, but it sold fairly quickly.


And I spotted this colorful Mexican pottery box by signed “Alba” which I believe is for the artist Pedro Alba.


So, I had a bit of Friday morning fun and now it’s back to listing things in my store. (Always behind!)

How about you…any good finds this week?

Happy hunting,



  1. Yes, thrifting and hunting are so much more fun than listing! I too am way behind. Love your finds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Linda. Are your stores LinzeylovesDonny and LinzeylovesVintage? You have great things! 🙂 – Karen


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