Zany June Sales and Good Finds

June has been an emotional roller coaster of a month. A dear friend’s lovely visit has come and gone. My youngest daughter is home from college for the summer, which is wonderful, but it’s been challenging adjusting to four adults living in our small house. :\ And sales are firmly in the summer doldrums, though I’m still finding good things to sell.

But of the things that have sold this month, two were zanier June finds—the rustic cow horn (bought $3, sold for $18) and the hand-painted doll’s head (bought $16, sold for $40). My husband was sure these were going to be duds but they sold in less than two weeks. Ha!

The doll’s head, I am happy to report, was bought by the artist’s daughter! The artist died when the daughter was a teenager and along the way all of the mother’s dolls had been given to other people. So the daughter was thrilled to find this early piece her mother had painted. I love the serendipity of it returning to her!

More June Finds

I spotted this sterling silver engraved/entwined initial pin (circa 1910-1930) in an antique store down the road. It’s the kind of older hand-crafted jewelry that appeals to me and I’m hoping to someone else.


And this little handmade pottery bowl was too sweet to pass up in my neighborhood thrift store.


And this year I’ve been finding (and selling) more purses so when I spotted this designer Jill Stuart bag in a thrift store, it was a no-brainer. Originally it would have come with a long strap to wear it cross body.


Even without the strap it’s a cute, usable purse in buttery soft chocolate brown leather.

And I couldn’t resist buying this huge, dang heavy, brass ashtray. It’s circa 1950s-1970s when smoking was popular and ashtrays were big. Really BIG. This is almost 10″ square and weighs nine pounds!


And I really like the fresh appeal of this Montgomery Wards stoneware creamer. It’s a 1960s-1970s piece in their “Aruba” line and quite scarce.


Gifted Stuff

Every now and then I’m gifted stuff from family and friends. Last night my thoughtful friend JoDee gave me some jewelry bits she no longer wanted. One was this wackadoodle carved and polished nut bracelet from Hawaii (circa 1940s-1960s) that she had received from a friend of her mother’s.


The previous owner even had a cheat sheet on what nuts were what!


Also in the goodie bag was this adorable sterling silver Scottie dog pin with black enameling. Someone is going to love this.


So I’m just going to keep plodding along researching and listing stuff, running a few sales, and doing a little judicious sourcing now and then. 🙂

Hope your June is going well.

As always, happy hunting,


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