End of June Vintage Finds and Sales

Here’s the weird thing I just realized–2018 is half over. How is that possible?? I find that rather disconcerting!

Anyway, as anticipated, my Etsy June sales were lackluster–not tragic, just anemic. And with a backlog of unlisted stuff I curtailed my June buying…a bit. 😉  The things I bought in the last few days are not big money makers, just things I liked.

First were these two Robert Darr Wert (1915-1966) linen silk-screened pictures. I just loved the mid-century style and colors. I bought these from an eBay seller and this is a photo from the listing. (They haven’t arrived yet.) Other than a few age spots on one they appear to be in good condition. Aren’t these fabulous?


Wert was a “print maker and textile designer with a modernistic folk art style. His products included silk screenings, linens, towels, wall hangings, hot plates, tiles, napkins, framed prints, table cloths, and trivets.” (Find a Grave)

I also made an offer on a charm bracelet with some strange, old bits that was accepted. The seller didn’t give very few details about the bracelet, other than saying that the bracelet was sterling, and there was turquoise, MOP and stone. (This is also a photo from the eBay listing.)


So why did I buy it?? Curiosity! This was not your typical charm bracelet. I was interested in the stone “L”-shaped piece, likely old (and desirable) Scottish agate. But what is it?? The MOP (mother of pearl) bits I believe are actually moonstone cabochons from another piece of jewelry. The cross is appears to be bone or ivory, but could be celluloid too. The old photo charm appears to be some English or European royalty. (Any ideas? Maybe King George V of England?) There’s a nice silver drum with turquoise. The big silver disk thing…I’m clueless as to what that is! The little brass jug will be added to my little collection of tiny things. In the end, other than the drum and the bracelet itself, I’m not sure what will be sellable until it arrives and I get a closer look, but I should at least make my money back!!

In my neighborhood thrift store I found an absolutely amazing handmade pitcher (the kind that sells for $100 at a craft show) but at the checkout counter I spotted a chip on the handle and a crack. Darn, darn, darn. So all I bought was a set of rustic nesting dolls with Bible story themes. The painting is a tad naive, but I think that adds a certain charm.


Do you recognize the stories?? (Noah and the ark, Daniel in the lion’s den, Joseph and a pregnant Mary, Jonah in the whale and Moses with the 10 commandments) I’ll be listing these for $25 (with free shipping).

And on shopgoodwill.com I won an auction for a couple of old sterling silver souvenir spoons. The handles and details are in good condition, but the bowls are a bit worn and one appears to have a few teeth marks! These were likely used as baby spoons at some point.  🙂


The Montreal spoon was made by Rodin Bros Ltd and the Los Angeles spoon sports older Watson markings. Nice quality spoons. I may hang onto these for a while.


While my Etsy June sales were an overall disappointment I was excited that the fabulous 1950s/1960s Boy Scout shirt with lots of badges and pins sold. I bought this last summer at a yard sale. (Cost $45, sold $150.)


I also sell on eBay, though at any given time only have 15 – 25 items listed. Some months I don’t sell anything. Not one thing. Oddly enough this past June I sold four things for a total of $270 gross sales. One of the those sales included the pretty Eme Italian flatware, which I bought last fall and finally got around to listing! I had paid $7.69 for four complete sets with two extra forks. Brand new one place setting is typically $45, so I listed the lot of four pre-owned settings for $99.99 plus shipping and it didn’t take long to sell. It looked unused and someone got a nice deal and I made a nice profit.


Bonus…Friend Mail!

And in June I also received a wonderful item in the mail from a new friend. This was a first for me and such a blessing. (Thank you Shari!)  I’ll be sharing about it in my next post.

As always, happy hunting,


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