Lazy Days of Summer

I have a lot of house and work projects on my to-do list, but now in the glorious full bloom of summer I am a tad unmotivated to start them. (Ever get like that?) Oddly I am also unmotivated to go out sourcing too…which seldom happens. I’m not worried about it as I still have plenty (plenty!!) of inventory. But still it’s odd. I’m guessing I just need to take a break from everything for a few days and get recharged. 🙂

Here are a few things I did find recently…

I was drawn to this big ceramic Koi fish figurine in my neighborhood thrift store. In Japanese culture, Koi symbolize good luck, abundance and perseverance. He’s brown with flashes of bronze and nicely detailed.


I also spotted this incredibly soft leather bucket purse by Eileen Fisher. It’s in fabulous condition. I have quite a nice group of purses I need to list on eBay.


From my inventory death pile I finally listed this colorful vintage quilt top. This was part of a bag of freebies I received from a neighbor last year.


And online I bought this huge sterling silver grape brooch. It is a stunning piece.


And from my personal jewelry destash, I listed this solid sterling silver bracelet and 1933 English fob. It’s a Fattorini & Son fob out of Birmingham.


So while I am being a bit lazy and unmotivated these days, I am enjoying the lovely weather. Hope it’s lovely where you are too.

Happy hunting,



  1. Shari Harniss

    Love the crazy quilt top. I enjoy these better than the ones that are perfectly designed.
    LOTS of rain here. Not complaining, though. We had a spectacular thunder storm yesterday.

    We were at an estate sale in the country with my parents. It got really dark and still before we made it into this 2 million dollar home (on the market if you’re interested!), and by the time we left with some awesome treasures it was pouring buckets. Poor mom and dad got wet, and my honey and I were soaked by the time we finished walking them to the car with ONE, small umbrella. I was freezing all the way home!

    My dad bought some beautiful silver candelabras in a BIG box of other silver for $125. We researched the three big ones and they are very profitable for resale. YAY! Of course, I don’t really want to sell them, as I adore silver anything. I can just imagine them in our ‘new’ house. Which we are still waiting to inhabit…maybe next week?

    Enjoy the idleness. I believe we need it. Kind of like letting the engine rest before having to rev it up!

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  2. Hi Shari. Sounds like you scored at the estate sale with the silver!! I’ll confess I sometimes buy silver pieces with no intention of selling them.

    Hope you are to inhabit your new house soon. 🙂

    I am trying to enjoy a bit of summer and downtime before the more hectic fall/holiday season.



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