What’s Sold Lately

For all my kvetching about sluggish summer sales, I have sold some nice things the last few weeks. Some had been in my shop for eons and others were added only recently. So I decided to look back to see if I could notice any buying trends.

First, I was super delighted that an antique Bavarian porcelain vase finally sold. I always thought it was a charmer, but it took over two years to sell!! In general I am buying fewer “sweet” china pieces like this. They have limited appeal nowadays.


The star quilt blocks were bought with a project idea in mind that never happened. Finally decided to let them go. They sold in a week. Likewise for the quilt topper that I was going to make it into a floor pillow but never did so I added it to my store, and poof, it was snapped up. I find that old quilts/quilt pieces sell fairly quickly. I’m always on the lookout for these.


The vintage sterling charm bracelet took a long time to sell, likely because of its smaller 6.4″ chain. Months ago a woman emailed me to say (rather stridently I might add) that I should specify that this was a child’s bracelet as it wouldn’t fit an adult. Well, it wasn’t a child’s bracelet and I’m an adult who wore it for years, so I didn’t change the listing. The new owner is very happy with it and left me a nice review.

Okay, some sales were complete surprises. Like the two doily sales. I mean honestly I was prepared to donate all the doily pieces I had received in a big linen lot, but these two sales alone (which sold shortly after I listed them!) covered the cost of the whole linen lot and now everything else I sell from it is pure profit. I will not seek out more doilies though.


I also sold two nice marble bits: bookends and an obelisk. I’ve noticed in general that marble/stone items take a while to sell, but the profit is worth it. Plus I enjoyed displaying these pieces in our house till they sold. 🙂 I always keep an eye out for nicely made, pretty natural stone items.

I loved these two WWII hand-written journals and it took me over a year to list them because I wasn’t sure I wanted to part with them. I finally put them in my store and they sold in a couple of days. Both my daughters thought I had them priced too low. I think they were right.

While these sold items came from a variety of sources, eight were from my neighborhood thrift store! So despite the fact that my thrift store is hit or miss and often hecka pricy, it’s super convenient and still worth going to. Persistence is the key. After several trips that were a bust, I found this hefty (2.4 lb.) 11″ brass ibex/gazelle/antelope figurine. It’s circa 1950s-1970s and likely from India or Korea. It had an estate-sale price, but still some meat on the bone.


It’s kinda cool…don’t cha think? At Christmas time he’d look great with a bit of plaid ribbon! (It’s listed at $65 which includes shipping.)

So my plans for this week…add lots more items to my store in preparation for the upcoming holiday season and get caught up on yard projects. Nothing fun, but good things to get done. 🙂

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Shari Harniss

    Oooooo! I would have swooped that Ibex right up! He’s a beauty- a year round one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shari, that’s what I think too! I’m trying him out on my mantel in the living room. 🙂



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