Kindred Spirits

It’s not often I have someone to go thrifting and antiquing with, but yesterday I did! Beatrice* (a reader from Ohio) is visiting her sister (a neighbor and friend) who lives just spitting distance from me. Beatrice and I were able to connect and spend the morning together. And what a fun morning…we hit three thrift stores, an estate sale and then she treated me to lunch. We barely stopped talking the whole time. (You know how it is when find someone else who loves old stuff too and the thrill of the hunt!)

We did lament that most young people are just not interested vintage things. According to this 2017 NY Times article…

“Today’s young adults tend to acquire household goods that they consider temporary or disposable, from online retailers or stores like Ikea and Target, instead of inheriting them from parents or grandparents.”

Which is a little mind-boggling to me since I’ve liked vintage things since my teen years. I remember walking into an antique store in my early 20s whilst at college and feeling like I had entered Aladdin’s Cave. I never feel like that in Target!

Well neither of us bought much yesterday, though Beatrice did better than I did. In fact all I bought was a small silverplate tea strainer shaped like a teapot with its little dish. It’s made in England with a registration #883376. Turns out it’s a Mi-Tea Infuser. Not valuable, but a nice, usable thing that someone will appreciate.

The estate sale, in tony Atherton, was in the cutest wee cottage. The owner had recently moved to New Zealand to be near her son and grandchild, so these were all the bits she wasn’t taking with her. I was particularly interested in the artwork that was displayed in this ad photo.

Some of the pieces were delightful, and I was tempted, but they were little a little pricy for unknown artists, particularly if I wanted to resell them.

Last week I did win a shopgoodwill auction for a painting that arrived the other day. And dang, I am so pleased with it. This one is a keeper.

The artist’s signature is a mystery. Ideas??

Though I have no great hopes that the painting is valuable, it is a captivating picture set in a deep, heavy wood frame and with shipping I only paid…$36! Crazy right?!

All in all it was a good day and such fun to go thrifting with a kindred spirit. 🙂

Hope your hunting and selling are going well.



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