The One That Got Away!!

I kicked myself about this one. Days later. Usually I just shrug my shoulders–que sera sera–and know that the next good score is just around the corner. But I can’t stop thinking about this one. And it got away because of sheer arrogance on my part!

Here’s the story:

I source for items for my Etsy store from other online sellers looking for unique vintage and antique things that I think are undervalued. For the most part I have done well with these online finds.

These days I spend most of my online sourcing time looking at jewelry, sterling silver and art. And a few days ago I was specifically looking at mid-century paintings on several websites and I stumbled on a listed artist whose work intrigued me–Bert Pumphrey. I found one of his paintings with an opening bid of $49.99. It was darn cool, titled “Un Sabio.” I started researching Pumphrey and found that his paintings can sell in the mid-hundreds and upwards.

I really like this painting and would have been happy to have it as part of our personal collection till I was ready to sell it. I put in my max bid of $72.50, watched and waited. No one else seemed to have found it. (There were no other “watchers.”) Part of me knew I should raise my max bid. It was worth it, but I didn’t. I came to feel sure…SURE…that no one else had found this gem and I would be okay and win.

Well, I wasn’t okay. I got sniped in the last few seconds of the auction with no chance to make another bid and I lost it.

And I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Well, I think I’m done now! Gotta let this go.

(Well played to whoever bought this painting!)

Notes to self: Always put in the max amount you’re willing to pay. And for Pete’s sake never assume you’ve won an active auction.

To end on a more positive note, I did win a vintage micro beaded purse that I sniped in the last few seconds of the auction. (Yes, I do snipe from time to time.) Alas, beaded purses are on my prediction list of items that are “cooling” in 2019 so it may not have been the smartest buy, but it’s a beauty.

Here it is in one of the auction photos. Not sure why she photographed it on a spotted, wrinkled sheet! :\

Here’s a closeup of the beading. Stunning, oui?

Inside the purse, stitched to the lining, is a bit of fabric with the owner’s name and address in case the purse goes astray. Makes me wonder if she had the habit of leaving her purse at parties!

You win some. You lose some! All part of the biz.

As always, happy hunting,


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