My Dear, Your Slip is Showing

It’s not often I fill up my car (albeit a mini) with fabulous vintage wearables…but yesterday was that day!

Thanks to my friend Ann, I met up with her friend Bonnie, who had lots of stuff to sell. Bonnie’s heading off to Italy on vacation and suggested I just take ALL the stuff and figure out what I wanted and what I didn’t while she’s gone. How sweet is that! So I have time to go through all the bags and baskets which really takes the pressure off. I can review each item thoroughly, research it, and have time to figure out fair buy and sell prices.

When I got home I was excited to start opening up the bags so I hauled everything into the family room and started digging in.

Oh boy that’s a lot of stuff!!

One of the first bags I started unpacking was FULL of vintage slips. Mostly Vanity Fair. Pretty, lacy and pleated. Half and full slips in rich, lush colors. And almost all of them were in super condition. Had to say yes to these.

And then I found this wonderful ’50s bullet bra. Pretty big for a 34A.


And there were hats. Lots!  Mostly vintage, mostly a tad too worn. The black hat is a keeper, but the “going to the wedding rose hat” has seen better days. You’d look like Poor Cousin Clara if you wore it.  And the pith helmet…well, I’m just not sure!

Found lots of cool gloves in a box. My favorites include a crocheted pair and four pairs of leather gloves. Some which fit me perfectly. (Hmmmm.)

And did I mention there were purses. Easily 20. I did find a few that interested me, including this little beaded coin purse from St. Thomas, but others were too new or had a bit of damage or just didn’t intrigue me.


And a few oddities. Can’t resist buying this. Care to guess what this item is?

She also had me take two bags of used shoes. I have never sold used shoes, though some swear they make good money selling them, and was pretty doubtful about taking the bags. In the end I found only two pairs that I’m willing to buy…maybe!  This holiday pair by ellemenno look hardly worn. Even the bottoms.


And these items were just the tip of the iceberg…the TIP. After all the sorting and reviewing (and what fun it was!!!), I ended up selecting about 25-30% of all the goodies.

Now on to phase 2…pricing…both what I will offer Bonnie and what I think I can sell things for.

Looking forward to having these in my store soon! (And many thanks to Ann for putting me in touch in Bonnie!)

How about you…any fun vintage finds?? Do share!!


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